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Lifx Purple
Living in color is always fun, right? This is true because this world has so much beauty that it can’t be wrong to turn our own lights in our homes to emit the same amazing colors! Ever since our kiddos were little, we’ve always used a red light as their night light. It is relaxing and easy on the eyes in case they wake up needing to go potty at night! Fast forward a almost a decade later comes the smart bulbs that can have literally millions of colors in different shades in one single bulb. No more buying random different color bulbs for different reasons and to make things even more smart, it can be controlled within your iPhone app. AMAZING, right? Today, I’m sharing about the LIFX brand smart lightbulbs and a little tutorial in the video below, plus a couple of my kids favorite activities that they can make a little more fun with their choice of color in their room!
I have three kids so that means there are A LOT of toys and of course, many role playing activity in this house. My two girls are so cute together because they play so well. Keilani is also such an amazing big sister because she will play all day with her little sister. I’m a proud mama because I know Keilani is getting older but she loves her baby sis so much that she will play all the kiddie stuff with her! The LIFX smart bulb adds a bit more fun to their play time because they can change it to any color they want. For example, this is a colorful sunrise in Pet Shop Land.

Lifx Blue

Our living room is an area for many family get togethers such as movie nights. Obviously, this blog post cannot in fact show these lights in the best way so make sure you check out the video for more details! We love movies and have them weekly in our home every Friday night and we often choose the color blue for these nights. It’s not too bright that it takes away from the movie, but it is deep enough to counteract the bright movie screen. I never knew how great these lights are, but it’s even more user friendly that you can control the light from your app or through a smart speaker like Google Home. We love the Google Home Mini so much because it’s affordable and can connect very easily to smart bulbs like LIFX.

Lifx Green

Do you also have kiddos that love legos? Meet my son, EZ, the boy that built a Lego city in his own room. Easily change the color to bright white when he builds, then transition to a fun color like this green one when he’s ready to play. Once again, he can ask Google Home to change it for him and off he goes saving the castle from villains. Check out LIFX smart bulbs and live in color with smart wifi light bulbs! Use code xolivi25 for 25% off the Lifx Mini colors (not applicable to 4 packs). Thank you so much for visiting and until next time!

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