Jujube x Tokidoki Iconic 2.0

 Jujube and Tokidoki has another collaboration called Iconic 2.0! Tokidoki always has such fun prints and I’ve got a few to show you called the Be Sporty, Be dapper, and the Be shady. The Be Sporty is one of my favorite, favorite backpack style from Jujube because the size is so perfect for me! More on that later but I just want too share how fun it is to have little ones who love Jujube like I do. I mean, how can anyone not love these fun characters, right? If I love them, how can kids not?!​

The Be Sporty is a great choice because it can be converted from backpack to messenger style. The name says it all and it is really great for outdoor activities! It’s not so big that it ends up being bulky and it isn’t super small that you can’t pack enough for your needs. The enclosed zippered bottle pockets is a definite plus since whatever outdoor activities you’re doing, you don’t have to worry about your water bottles falling out or getting dirty. Did I mention it’s waterproof?

The Be Dapper is one of Jujube’s newest styles and I love packing it different ways. My favorite way is to pack it for Medicine pouch since it is very roomy for epi-pens, allergy medicine, bandaids, and much more. Other ways that would also be amazing is for diapering pouch because it is the perfect fit for diapers, cloth diapers, and training pants.

jujube iconic 2.0 be shady

I don’t know about you… but the sun has been amazing here lately. Don’t get me wrong, there’s somedays that are still really cold, but I have to love the sun for giving us some Vitamin D! It’s nice to just be outside and enjoy outside life, haha. So happy that Jujube released a sunglasses case that is legit big enough for your biggest sunglasses. I have the Quay sunglasses here and this one is HUGE. At first, I was worried if it wouldn’t fit here, but it does and much more room to spare so if you have bigger sunglasses than I do… no worries!  It also comes with a clasp so you can easily attach it to your bag for easy reach!

jujube be shady be dapper

My little Mimi has her own sunglasses, but no case… It was literally a pouch with no protection. Not only is the Be Shady roomy enough, but it is a hard case! You’ll know your sunglasses will be protected no matter where you go or what some random crazy things will happen!

jujube iconic 2.0 be sporty be dapper

That’s all the styles I have to show you today and while some styles are sold out, the Be Sporty and Be Shady are still available. These go fast so make sure you visit Jujube if you love a style! Don’t forget to check out the video if you’d like to see it in a video setting or a closer look. Thank you so much for visiting me and until next time!

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