Kids Christmas Decoration

Kids Christmas Decoration

There is something about lofts that we love. Since the kids bedrooms are upstairs, we knew that the loft would be a play area for the children which leads to one specific thing this Christmas – This area would turn into a fun Christmas corner in this time of year. We definitely did not spend anything extra for this area, but we used what we already had and put a little Christmas spirit – on a budget!

Kids Christmas Decoration

This teepee has always been in this corner in the loft and all I did was take an extra Christmas string lights and threw it over the teepee! The silver and white pillow cushions were from our first bedding sets as well. The Santa pillow, Santa hats were, well… you guessed it, after Christmas sales and the dollar store! Before we talk a little more about the dollar store… I want to share something about this Christmas tree. This was our FIRST Christmas tree that we purchased after we got married. It has lasted exactly ten years as our family Christmas tree before the lights slowly stopped working, ha! You can see at the top they do not work, but I plan to use another Christmas lights that are LED bulbs just like the one that’s on the teepee. It’s a little fun to realize that this tree used to be a lot fuller back then… every year, the tree sheds, you know – making a mess of my carpet. Nevertheless, just because something is not so great in the present, doesn’t mean that fun ornaments can’t make it festive! This tree is decorated with colorful ornaments plus DIY ornaments specially created and designed by all of our kids at their schools!

Kids Christmas Decoration

This hilarious wall decor of “If you need me, I’ll be in my teepee” was made just for us. No, just kidding, I found it at hobby lobby because my obsession from Target home decor has expanded to hobby lobby as well. It was hung up on the wall where the wreath is now, but it creates a great purpose to be put under the tree since there will be no presents planted there. I say that with a smile by the way, so that’s why what you see here are legit random stuff that was already in the house. Fluffy mini gray and white pillows from Target dollar spot, honestly like random Christmas decorations we found at the Dollar Store YEARS ago and I think a Christmas Santa baby blanket. Whatever you already have will make anything fun and festive for the kids.

Kids Christmas Decoration target pajamas

It has been such a nice realization when decorating this corner, that you don’t always have to purchase anything new to make a place beautiful. It takes simple rearranging to make things “anew”. One thing i did recently purchase though is Mileina’s pajamas. I think she grew overnight a week ago and all of a sudden her pajama pants don’t fit anymore. There is no possible way that I was going to find and cute pajama pants all by itself and if I do, they somehow cost more than a set? I don’t even know, but pajama set is from target and it sure does make our season sparkle! I hope your Christmas season has been a blessing so far and remember, blessings are everywhere…we just have to realize it! Thank you for visiting and until next time!



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