Christmas Foyer Decoration

christmas foyer decoration blue felt letter board

Not only is it the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the brightest and merriest. Remember that target haul I had a couple of weeks back? You know, the one where I ransacked the dollar spot? Well, I must say I love the result of it! Those bottle brush Christmas trees, the reindeer, and the ceramic tree… I am in love! The best part of it is that whole it looks super festive, it doesn’t break the wallet!

christmas foyer decoration

The wooden reindeer were one of many I took home with us. These were very well made and glittery! I truly love how they had different kinds of the bottle brush Christmas trees ranging from a silvery snow to even a coral colored! Having a simple white cabinet in the foyer makes decorating really simple because literally everything just matches. I’m not sure if you can see but behind it all is leftover garland that was an excess to the ones I used on my staircase. It was a nice addition to make it a little more fun. On the garland, I tied a few of those cute little ribbons!

christmas foyer decoration

On this three tiered decoration, I took some of the ornaments that our Christmas trees won’t miss and you know what, friends? This DEFINITELY makes the whole area. There is something about colorful ornaments that just instantly lifts up the spirit. Before I laid the ornaments down, I bordered the outer part of it with plastic flowers from the dollar store.

christmas foyer decoration

Finally, the whole point of this Christmas foyer was because my kids found this elf at Target. He is counting down the days until Christmas and the best side of it all is that me, the Mom, is not changing the countdown tiles everyday. My oldest is turning nine soon and I am just now realizing the awesome things I don’t have to do because my nine year old would gladly take over. If you have a dollar store, target dollar spot, you are all set for some on the budget decorating. Oh, last but definitely not the least, owning a felt letter board is so much more handy than I ever thought it would. I am a Mama who loves all creativity and just creating fun quotes with a bunch of plastic letters make my baby tickle, ha! Check out the shopping links below to see more. Remember to use my special code LIVI14OFF for discounts you will definitely want – this makes a special gift for your creative lovin mama friend! Thank you so much for visiting and until next time!



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