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This post is in collaboration with Kanga Care. All opinions and thoughts are supported by my crazy kawaii addiction.
Tokidoki is notorious for its super kawaii designs and how it adds such fun vibes to our life! From diaper bags, water bottles, food jars, and just to add a tad more… TRAINING PANTS! I’m sure by the end of this year, our house will have tokidoki characters in every room. I’m just waiting for kitchen products, don’t stop me now! At least for now, my children’s rooms and my closet (Hi, Jujube) are decorated with such cuteness. I just love how Tokidoki keeps collaborating with various brands to expand their fun and lovable characters in every aspect of our lives. This one in particular, potty training.


My girls love their plush dolls, we have Dolce, Donutella, Adios (not pictured) and Donutina! While the plush dolls do not technically serve a purpose besides being our super kawaii best friends, these Kanga Care Lil Learnerz are amazing for potty training. My previous blog here, where I talk about first impression is super helpful if you’re new to Lil Learnerz and need help with sizing. Try on impressions are also available to watch here. My youngest has been using these for the past month… with tons of accidents. I am extremely surprised at how much it contains messes. I’m not even exagerrating, pants are DRY to the max. Usually, I would have to change all her clothes… sadly and unfortunate for my poor mom hands. Immediately, my daughter feels the wetness right away after she makes an accident.Pull ups are awesome, but they really don’t teach our kids anything besides they can pee in their diaper and feel okay. Kanga Care calls this their “IMWET Technology”, but I’m just going to go on a limb and say this is their Magical Unicorn Abilities Technology. I literally can’t be thankful enough that such a thing exists! I’ve used waterproof pants before, like Gerber and some other ones, which leaves me frustrated to no end. These are more expensive than what you buy at walmart, but there is a reason why, or five reasons.


1. Soft microfiber lining, Beneficial to my child and yours if your child has sensitive skin… Extreme softness.
2. I’M WET Technology, Your child will immediately feel the wetness due to the dual microfiber fabric while absorbing just like cloth diapers.
3. Waterproof, it will hold EVERYTHING in, granted you get the correct size.
4. Great quality, I’ve accidently put these in the dryer…. Not in low-tumble a few times, oops, my bad. Thankfully, they’re still alive and amazing. Actually, these pictures are literally taken today (January 3rd, 2017) after so many washes and drying cycles.
5. CUTE prints!


Say “Hi” to Dolce, the pretty Unicorno. She’s taking a nap inside one of the travel blankets, i mean, underwear. This print is called TokiCorno which is a whole bunch of unicorns inside a colorful bubble. It’s so colorful and fun and is sure to be loved by your little ones. Blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange! If you can see closely, they actually have different color circles that mesh together to create a secondary color. Educational? I would think so, yes. The TokiCorno comes with Kanga Care’s Sherbet color which is a hot pink, and yellow!


Can you find Donutina in this TokiSpace print? I’ll give you 10 Kawaii points for this! This TokiSpace is just like the Space Place design from Jujube.x Tokidoki collab. The cool constellations, happy planets, awesome spaceships, and I just want to note that I love how Sandy is gray in this one. Super cool! My daughter was actually really drawn to this one the most out of all three… she immediately went to my closet, grabbed the Jujube Space Place Mini Be and just somehow turned into a Space Place Mimi. The TokiSpace comes with the Kanga Care Platinum coloring of blue and gray!


Last but not least, from my previous post in partnership with The Sensible Mama, is TokiBambino! this print is just too adorable to even describe. I hope you can see the beautiful Donutella on the lower part of the underwear peeking through. This print is so. much fun with the Kaiju dinosaur & baby, Unicorno Mama & Baby, another baby Unicorno, Daddy Monkey & Baby monkey, and more! I’m not too sure the correct names of the characters but we can all agree that they’re super fun. I also love how the Tokidoki logos are above and beyond apparent in this print. SO MUCH LOVE! This TokiBambino comes with the Kanga Care Sweet coloring of mint (my fave color) and gray!


Have you tried these Kanga Care Lil Learnerz training pants for your child yet? If you’re just starting out, I recommend this for all your potty training nightmare days and nights because they’re so helpful and give you some sanity. Potty training is tough, stressful, but having an underwear that contains the messes while letting your child learn the ins & outs of their body is more than what I could ask for as a parent. Snag yours now!TokiCorno: kangacare.com
TokiBambino: thesensiblemama.com
TokiSpace: ​amzn.to/2j1QBFX
TokiSweet (not pictured): ​amzn.to/2j6cl7W
Donutina Plush Doll: amzn.to/2j1IIAnDisclosure: Includes affiliates links and if you decide to shop with me and supporting a momma with a toki addiction, I thank you so much for your support.




  1. Kelsey
    January 4, 2017 / 7:23 AM

    These are adorable!! My daughter wouldve loved these when she was potty training! Shes a huge tokidoki fan.

  2. Samantha Kuzyk
    January 4, 2017 / 11:04 AM

    OMG those training pants are sooooo cute! I love all of the colorful prints and that they let kiddos feel the wetness, so they can learn!

  3. Angela
    January 5, 2017 / 9:43 AM

    We use cloth diapers and will soon be transitioning to training pants. There are the cutest!

  4. Aimee
    January 5, 2017 / 5:08 PM

    These are so cute!! We cloth diaper and I agree that pull ups can hinder potty training. I will have to keep these in mind on a few months when my third is ready to move out of her diapers.

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