Jujube x Tokidoki Be Prepared Bag!


Price: $188
Print: Collaboration with Tokidoki
Style: Be prepared
Age: 3 1/2 ?
Welcome back, my mama friends! A review of this bag is a LONG time coming, sheesh. I’ve owned this bag since my youngest Mileina was born so I’ve had this bag for quite a while. If I could say, she is 3 now! I still use this bag and will continue to use it for how many more years this bag allows me to. For newborn use, this is literally a Godsend. Mileina is an allergy baby, so I always had to pack her own foods. Foods that I would make and mush myself!!! Do you guys know those Costco formula cans as well? Lol well, that fit in there as well as frozen breast milk in its own handheld cooler like their ‘Fuel Cell’ I packed this baby up so good and it fit everything! Through the past three years, this bag has held up well and you guys can see for yourself! Yes it’s expensive but whoooooey do they last!

Now that Mileina is older, I only bring a couple diapers for a day out along with wipes. For when she was a newborn and family trips now, you can fit WAY more as you can see. I used to put diapers in that front packet (pictured above) and I put more on the back pocket (pictured below). It comes with its own padded changing pad and they are big! I also put a wetbag in there in case of soiled clothes.

Snap closure on the front and back pockets

Bottle holders on both sides of the bag and the closure is magnetic!

Let’s get into the fun part! I will begin with the mommy pocket. On the flap, it has two plastic inserts that you can put pictures OR you can put Kleenex and cloth wipes. It also has a keychain holder as well on the left side of the bag!! If you mamas paid attention, that mesh zipper compartment I always put a couple thin pads for emergencies hahaha! Another cute pocket to put random small things like little cosmetic things or if you’re like me… I just put my contact lens needs there! Because really I have another small bag for mama’s beauty things mmkay. There is also a sunglasses pocket but I love using it for pens and my travel Advil because you can never know when the kids will give me a headache. On the bottom of the mommy pocket, there are TWO mesh pockets that you can store things. That’s where I store my sunglasses if you can see, it’s the black case with white ends. I also put my wristlet wallet in there too but I took it out so you can see the compartments a little better.

The backpack just looks hungry when it’s opened like that. Lol, pizza please!

Look how huge it is hehe! Obviously I didn’t pack it to the full capacity because my kids are older and they don’t need much. This is how I usually pack it now, a change of clothes for each one of my three kids. Snacks and juice boxes on the two mesh pockets. Socks on the left side mesh pockets. I used to put the baby bottles or a thermos of hot water on those things!! On the other two mesh pockets, I have Kleenex, and a silver/pink bag filled with kids necessities such as bandaids, nail cutter, ointments, hair ties, and I forgot what else. On the bottom left of the pictures, those are three pairs of sunglasses!

Closer look of the print, can you find a fairy with a pizza box? Lol.

Last but not least, the messenger strap is padded so it’s comfortable enough to use for a little while! But if you fill this baby up to the point of it being 10 pounds then I’m pretty sure your shoulder will be tired haha. Other things to point out regarding the design. These are very well made and there are so many detailing ma that make this so superb. The zipper has tokidoki icons which make zipping and unzipping easy. I forgot to take a picture but on the bottom of the bag it has little stud thingies so that your bag doesn’t actually touch the floor. I have never washed the bag but these are washable. It’s just easily wiped off since it’s made from Teflon!I am absolutely in love with this bag and nowadays with kids older than toddler age, it’s PERFECT for family outings and weekend trips. I always fall back to this bag, and it’s never failed us. It fits so much and it’s held up so much. Since this is more for a heavier packing style, I don’t use this for daily basis anymore. Jujube, I’m coming to get me the BFF style!!! That’s a backpack style that CAN be changed to be a messenger style bag, so the possibilities in how you choose to carry them are endless (okay, more like 4).

I actually just purchased a straight backpack style called the ”Be Right Back’ or BRB for short for more outdoorsy type of days. When we go to parks and playgrounds I need something that is easy to go along with us! Will get back to review that once that arrives. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and until next time!




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