Jujube Be Set and Fuel Cell in The First Lady print


I am super excited to share my newest addition for my jujube obsession! I finally jumped on the be set after thinking long and hard (more like short and fast) that I needed these smaller bags for BETTER organization for my jujube bags. Right now it’s literally just everywhere, not very practical for a busy mama like me. I need to just find my items in the certain bag and get it out!Actually I’m kidding, my things don’t really get lost because jujube bags are pretty compartmentalized itself, but I still like to be more organized. Having these organizing bags makes it much easier and technically you can put more things in the end result.

I chose The First Lady print because it is just so CLASSY. It just screams, yes I’m a busy mama but I like to look like I’m not, lol. It matches with everything since its just black and white! It’s clean, sleek, and simple.


The ‘Be Set’ comes in large, medium, and small bags. The largest one can be transformed into a cross body bag because LADIES it comes with a long strap! I did not expect that at all and was so pleasantly surprised to find these little bonuses in the bag when I opened them. Yes I just got them today so I’m like in a Be Set Rollercoaster high, haha. I actually used the large set as a crossbody bag today. I was able to fit my wallet wristlet, the small set filled with my insurance cards, receipts, and coupons. Other things I put in the large set are my 6 plus iPhone, car keys, my son’s captain America, and scissors for those emergencies like threads hanging loose on my daughter’s dress, lol. It actually happened today and I was like YES, I knew it would come in handy for something lol! Not to worry, mamas it was a kid’s scissors with the blunt tip.

Large set as a crossbody bag, this was at my son’s dentist appointment and it was PERFECT! I only had the things I needed and I didn’t even have to hold it. Major plus, hands free mamas, anyone?

The medium set bag just screams makeup bag, doesn’t it? It’s the perfect size! Right now, this is in my BRB bag and what I have in the medium size bag are my necessities such as:Bare minerals ready foundation
Too faded retractable kabuki brush
Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss
Tarte lip liner
Lash glue, because what if the inner corner part starts to fly away?
Nail cutter
Travel tweezers
Hair tied
A small goody hairbrush

As you can see from my list, there’s tons of room for all those things and I’m pretty impressed!!! You can also use this as a wristlet because it comes with a short strap. The bags comes with D rings so you can interchange with however you like to wear them, or not wear them.



As I mentioned before, I use the small set bag for insurance cards, receipts, and coupons. The options are endless with what things you decide to put in these bags. You can choose to put earbuds, phone charger, camera charger, or any other tech things.

Need fuel anyone? Fuel cell is to the rescue for all your snack organization needs! I was most excited about this one because I was getting so irritated with all the snacks that were all over the place in my bag. I don’t like seeing random things just shoved in there. I want them neat and organized, please! These are also Teflon material so it can be washed and clean and still LIVE AND LOOK PRETTY! Right now, I have three juice boxes, 10 fruit chew bars, a quart sized ziploc filled with a whole bunch of saltines. There is still a ton more room which I would’ve filled with fruit gummkes if my kids didn’t eat them all already!! Ugh now I need to go to Costco again!


Zippered pocket on the lid of the bag which you can store forks, spoons, and whatever else kids need these days!

The First Ladies together, aren’t they just so classy looking? I LOVE this print, I didn’t think I was going to love it this much but it just matches so well with any outfit or bag that it just makes it soooooooo amazing. The Be Set retails for $50 and the Fuel Cell retails for $30 and they call can be found on http://shop.ju-ju-be.comThank you so much for visiting my blog and until next time!




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