Jujube Paci Pod in Monarch


I think it’s awesome that the jujube paci pods are larger than what it seems. Usually pacifier holders are small to fit just one paci or they make the holder just slightly bigger than the actual pacifier. The reason why I love these paci pods are because it’s super versatile to what you can use it for. It’s not just for pacifiers, and it’s not just for moms and their babies! Well, I have three babies and neither of them liked pacifiers. So for moms who has babies who doesn’t like pacifiers but you REALLY want these pods? I’ve got a solution for you!

Before we continue to what I use this for, I also have to point out that it has a clip that can be removed so that it can attach anywhere your bag allows it to. I love to keep mine on the D rings for the messenger straps and sometimes I even attach it to my fuel cell on the inside if I wanted my bag to look cleaner, you know, less busy on the outside.The hardware on the pod’s zipper are just like the legacy collection with the classy gold colors with jujube written in cursive. The gold star hardware on the top also has the brand name and a beautiful little gem in the middle. These extra designs just make the pods much more beautiful and very lady like!



Since my kids are older and pacifiers aren’t needed, I use this for my tech items. These are tall enough that the charger can fit inside it along with the super long cable. Normally phone chargers are pretty thin in size, but I decorated mine with strings in Chinese staircase design to help with detangling. On the other side, I put my earbuds for an easier access. Don’t you just love these come with two sets of straps to hold your items? Therefore your items won’t be jumbled in the mess and can stay organized!The paci pod can also be used for other things like hair ties, Bobby pins, and other hair clips. A small medi kit can also be helpful especially if it’s on the outside of the bag. Lots of bandaids can fit in there along with a travel size Neosporin or other antibacterial ointment packets. I think the options are numerous when it comes to the paci pod!

Which prints do you own, and how do you use the Paci pod?



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