My Jujube x Tokidoki Donutella’s Sweet Shop Launch Story 


What’s sweeter than donuts? Well…. Donutella! lol, Today was such an eventful day it was basically a mission to score the Donutella’s sweet shop bags! They were released at a super sleepy time at midnight, but this mama was ready click place order. My list went on something like this:Be right back (Keilani’s school backpack)
Fuel Cell (Keilani’s lunch pail)
Mini Be (Mileina’s personal bag)
Be set (sigh, it was supposed to be for Keilani’s school supplies organization *cry)
Be light (Reusable shopping bag!)
Paci Pod (organizing little things for the girls)I expected to get them all at with my discount code plus reward points! But that was the worst idea in the world because that website was the first to sell out in EVERY single style and type. I put be set and mini be and I had everything filled in beforehand, went ahead to check out only to be informed It was sold out.

I was pretty lucky to score a backpack (brb), fuel cell (lunch box), and be light (tote). Since the mini be was seriously gone, I wanted to get another BRB for my youngest even if it was too big for her because she would be able to use it for preschool and kindergarten in the next coming years! Even that plan failed and I felt so bad because I didn’t want her to feel left out and that mama wasn’t thinking of her!

I drove a couple hours up north to visit a boutique in Sumner, WA called sugar babies not knowing what they have or better yet, what they had left!!! I call that mama faith, haha! My mother in law helped to see what they had because I knew I wouldn’t make it in time and the store owner let her in early before opening time! She was able to get them for me, good thing because there were more people that came at 10AM opening time asking for DSS!


Perfect for school!


wow, that bag matches her Nintendo princess peach shoes lol.


Doesn’t my daughter look so cute? Hehe!There was only ONE brb left and three Paci pods sooooo yay that plan worked! Haha, now both girls have brb and The pods. When I got there, I wanted to see what else they had in case they had any other prints that interested me. The owner went to the back and started pulling out all these sold out limited rare edition prints and I was literally gasping to death. Not only that, but she gave them to me for HALF OFF!!!!!


Before the DSS print came out, I was ooh and aahing over the dream world print because it was a hello kitty, tokidoki, AND jujube collab altogether. The print is so beautiful and unique and I was super disappointed I never knew about it. Boo, lol but I couldn’t believe Sugar Babies had them!! I’ve always wanted a super be in a super cute print and since DSS sold out (grr, lol) Well, you can just guess how happy I was to see that these were there and for half off, I was literally lucky and worth the two and a half hours I drove to get there!!! I couldn’t pass up on the starlet duffle bag either because who can resist 50% off? It’s a dream world!To end my eventful Sugar Babies visit… They gave me two free coin purses in dream world and king’s court print. My girls are happy so that makes me happy! Made my butt hurt though for sitting too long from driving. We went to brunch afterwards, and as I was eating I actually scored a mini be online. So almost everything on my list was met!! I think this print is my favorite and I completely went overboard! Anything for my daughters because I’m officially that crazy mama. Of course when I went home, I showed my haul to my husband and he was also happy for the girls and the extra deals we got. Who doesn’t love deals?!!!!

I wasn’t expecting to get any DSS print bag for myself and didn’t even think about it until my husband pointed out he thinks the tote or hobo would look great on me. I was like gasp, lol! Is that a permission for meeeeee? Hmmmmmmmmm ? Since hobo be was sold out, I treated myself to Be Classy. Yay, mama!

Which style bag or accessories were you able to snag? Share in the comments below, until next time!





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