Jujube Narwhal Nirvana, Black Olive, & Cut Up Shop

Jujube UnboxingUnbox, unbox, unbox some Jujube cuteness! On August 15th, 2018 at 9 PM PST, Jujube is coming out with another release that I’m super excited about. In this post, I’ll be sharing three new bags in the prints Narwhal Nirvana, Black Olive, and… one of the special bags from the Cut Up Shop! Can’t wait to see? Keep reading!

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Narwhal Nirvana

Jujube Narwhal NirvanaNarwhal Nirvana is just the most adorable print by Jujube! The rainbows, the unicorns, and the narwhal just truly makes a cute print. What makes it even more unique is that the zippers are rainbow as well.


Jujube Narwhal NirvanaThe lining is a gray background with a cluster of hearts and stars in five different colors. Blue, black, red, white, and green.


Jujube Narwhal Nirvana EZPACKING cubesI picked the Starlet to share because I just love Jujube’s duffle bags. The Starlet is what I use the most for the kids with my favorite packing cubes called the Ez Packing. They each have their own color coded packing cubes so they know which one is theirs.

For a longer trips, they each get their own starlets, but if it is for a weekend trip… this is such a simple and organized way to go anywhere with your kids. I use the medium size from Ez Packing for each of my kids. I also bring an extra packing cube in the small size for their toiletries.

Curious how I pack for the kids for a trip? Check out this video here! Or maybe you want some tips on how to pack it for you? I have tips on that, too here! Seriously, can’t forget about mama right?


Black Olive

Jujube Black OliveBlack Olive is also a pretty cool print. In pictures and videos, you can’t really see the olive tint on this bag but seriously guys, this is like an olive gray! It trips me out sometimes like why doesn’t the camera pick up the olive? haha! This print has little black triangles all over with a polka dot lining.

I picked the Be Packed because I’ve been OBSESSED with this style. It’s seriously perfect for a lot of outings… and my girls are pretty set for school coming up this fall. Guess what they’ll be using? Be Packed, that’s right! If you’re curious how I pack it for an outing with my kids, check out this post!


Cut Up Shop: Black Petals Be Sporty

Jujube Black Petals Be SportyLast but not least, coming up on release day is another round of the Cut Up Shop! These are basically one of a kind bags since it is not mass produced. I am over the moon for this bag and print. Let me tell you, I have never seen Black Petals in person before and this looks seriously gorgeous. It’s like a camouflage of flowers which makes it so girly but edgy as well. Guess what the lining is? It’s not black magic. Check out the video below to find out plus more views on each print!


I have a mini sidekick with me in this unboxing! Hi Mimi!


Jujube Narwhal Nirvana Black OliveWhich is your favorite in this bundle of new prints? There is another print coming out, too called the March of the Murlocs which I don’t have at the moment but will share once I do!

Are you snagging any bags from the cut up shop? Taking home some cute narwhals and unicorns? How about grabbing some black olive goodness? If you love any of the prints, I would love it if you can shop with me using my link! Get ready on August 15th, 2018 at 9 PM PST by shopping here: bit.ly/livijjb and don’t forget to check out the Shop-It list below for products you may love seen in this post. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and until next time!

LilleBaby Mickey Doll Carrier
Evy’s Tree
LilleBaby Mickey Doll Carrier
Evy’s Tree
LilleBaby Mickey Doll Carrier
Evy’s Tree

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Jujube Narwhal Nirvana Black Olive


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