Jujube Ever Mini Backpack

Jujube Ever Mini Backpack

Mini things are cute, mini things are always available in many colors, and this time the mini things are Mini Backpacks that has joined the Jujube Ever collection! Hey Jujube lovers or soon to be Jujube lovers… I just have to share how much i LOVE these mini backpacks. Ever since I initially reviewed it on my YouTube channel, I’ve been using this everyday and let’s just say my sister over is equally obsessed.

The Mini ever has a front pocket that can be used to store wallet, keys, kleenex, and more of your personal stuff. The inside of the bag has two pockets on the bottom and one zippered pocket on the top. Just enough for a quick trip out for you or for you and your kiddo!

*I am a Jujube brand partner and affiliate!

Jujube Ever Mini Backpack

The size of the Jujube Ever Mini Backpack is similar to the Mini Be with a slight shape difference. Overall, the fit and feel is like the mini be. I’ll admit though I really love the round top of these backpacks and I think it compliments the look when it’s worn.

The one that I am wearing, on the left side, is the Noir Rose Gold, which is basically black with rose gold hardware. I am a rose gold girl, give me all the rose! My sis loves olive and she also loves black and so she LOVES this olive/black color. It’s olive colored on the top half and then black on the bottom half, the straps remain black all over though!

The Mini Ever also comes in the color red… my other favorite! It’s so unique and I love it. It matches my jogging stroller so… you know, got to take a picture! The red one has silver hardware, by the way.

Jujube Ever Mini Backpack

The thing I love about mini backpacks is the fact that I can pack all the daily necessity stuff without overpacking. It feels great when worn without it being too heavy, and super stylish!

I have four or five colors shown in this video but the last color that I don’t have is the White/Black. See what I mean? Mini things has to come in various colors! Thanks Jujube! Check out the video to see the inside of the bag, how I like to pack the bag, and see other prints that look great with the bags!

Did I say we are over ecstatic over these? Got to at least jump for joy! I hope that this post was helpful to find you your perfect bag and color. Shop using my link to get your own by clicking the image bar below!


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