Hot Or Cold? Primo Water Dispenser Is Your Best Friend!

Looking for instant hot, cool, and cold water in your home? Check out the #PrimoEffect we got going on here by trying out this bottom loading water dispenser! Thank you to Primo for sponsoring this post.

All in one water dispenser? Count us in! I love drinking water and having a family with three kids who also love water… well, you can guess just how much water we drink. Not only that, but I admit I also drink a lot of tea. Green tea, black tea, flavored tea, ginger tea… the list just goes on and on. Let’s add my hot chocolate loving kids. Instant cocoa!

It’s the ultimate comfort drink for me and before having a Primo Water dispenser in our house, I used to heat my water in the microwave – SO not instant and when you have guests asking for the same thing all at once, well let’s just say I rather have Primo by my side.


My favorite feature besides the instant hot water is that this dispenser is BOTTOM LOADING. I can’t stress how much this is important to me. I’m the type of person who is really clumsy so I always made a mess trying to load from the top. This is about the most amazing feature you can ask for in a water dispenser in my opinion!

This water dispenser can be used with three or five gallon jugs, but we specifically use the five gallon because of our water loving family. It’s super easy to refill, just take your empty jug to your participating local Wal Mart to refill or you can exchange it with a pre-filled purified water jug! So easy, right?


The Primo water dispenser of course also has a cold water option, but not only that… it has a COOL water option. I’m jumping up and down over here because I prefer cool water instead of cold. I have no clue why, but it’s so hard for me to drink cold water. My kids and husband though on the other hand… give them all the cold.

The top of the dispenser has three buttons, from left to right: Hot, cool, and cold. I love that Primo has all the choices available so that my family can stay healthy and hydrated easily!

Primo water is different than tap water, it has nine purification steps that eliminates all the stuff you don’t want to be putting in your body like lead, PFAS, chlorine, and more. Who wants to drink all that contaminants anyway? Not us. This is a huge plus because as a mom, I want all things clean for my family!


Use the hot water for more than just your usual daily comfort drinks! This will make it so much quicker to prepare oatmeal and instant noodles. Simply fill your bowl with oatmeal with the hot water and let stand for two minutes!

I have kids who love Indonesian instant noodles as much as I do. Cooking it on the stove will take me at least thirty minutes because I have three kids. Make it forty minutes if I end up craving it, too and I usually end up craving it after making it for the kids.

If you’re a noodle lover like us, put your instant noodles in the bowl, fill it with the hot water until it covers the noodles, stick it in the microwave for THREE minutes. Yes, three and I promise you, your noodles will be done! Finish by adding the seasoning and enjoy. This is amazing and as a mama of three kids, I’m super thankful for quick lunches!


As a busy mom, I appreciate products that help us manage my time better especially since kids ask for so many random things when you’re obviously busy. No more hustling and rushing to help our children with things that needs to be QUICK! Primo is so convenient and I also believe when water is easily obtained, it can create healthy habits as well to drink more and stay hydrated.

Remember, easily exchange or refill your water jugs at your local Walmart, you can locate your nearest location here: or find them on Amazon! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and until next time!

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