It’s Been Three Weeks!

Dear Friends,

I’m actually on my break right now and thought I should update on life! It’s been a change, but I think it is a nice change. It’s not without its caveats, but in life there are always pros and cons, am I right?

My days are so full and my heart is full! It feels super weird working outside the home after a ten year hiatus, lol. The hours go by extremely fast and I am not complaining about that! Even though my feet got tired the first few days, but as soon as I bought new shoes… mama is fine! I got the recommendation from Google actually when searching for shoes good for metatarsalgia. That’s something I never knew I had but wowwwwwza the balls of my feet HURT so bad that my toes hurt even more.

I found this in my local Dick’s Sporting Goods and gosh oh gosh, it’s been a game changer. My power walks are a breeze and I put in about five to six miles each day I work. There’s a blessing in THAT! My steps are moving on up.

When God gives, should we not find a blessing in each gift? In a world of people yearning for only comfort and “easy”, sometimes thankfulness is difficult to grasp. Really, when Jesus said we are free, we are free indeed! That goes for also being free from focusing on negatives and focusing on the good instead!

The department I work in allows me to shop for people who order online. Wow, I must say that there is a lot you can know about a person’s life with the things they order. With the joys in their life and even some problems they encounter, I feel really compelled to pray for them. I don’t know who they are but I am given a last name. That’s good to say the least!

My environment has changed, but my walk hasn’t. I’ve learned to literally walk with God every second of my life. There has been some amazing encounters with one person who also works there. She saw my cross earrings that I wear everyday and just by THAT alone, we have opened up a line of discussion and mutual love of Jesus Christ. I mean, I just LOVE that.

Epic Heat Has Concluded!

I’ve also finished the Epic Heat Program by Caroline Girvan. Even though I skipped all the Sunday workouts, man that was a tough program! I started unable to lift twenty pound dumbbells to twenty pound dumbbells not being enough at the end of it.

My friend Michelle and I have decided to do her first program until she comes out with a new one. I love that we keep each other accountable! Not only that but MyFitnessPal app helps keep US accountable consuming the proper amount of calories.

With all the walking I do at work, I get sooooo hungry and thirsty more often now. I am so not used to it. I’ve been eating a lot more and since I don’t really eat above 1200 calories, I thought I was putting on weight. Not the case lol and that’s only the case of my unusual thinking. I don’t know why I thought that because along with the epic heat program, I was literally working out everyday.

The Pharaoh

Right now, I’m listening to the Exodus plan on the Bible app. This book is extremely thought provoking. It shows the stubbornness of humanity, specifically speaking about the Pharaoh.

God was actually REALLY patient with pharaoh and gave him so many chances to let the Israelites go. God loves the Pharaoh also, but God gives us free will to love and obey Him or not. This is a tough thing in our human view, but to God… He wants us to choose to love as His own children and not slaves. Otherwise God would be acting like that Pharaoh and not as a Father who loved us that much to send Jesus to shed His blood for us.

I haven’t gotten to the point of the part where it took the Israelites decades to get out of the desert, but I think that would be interesting to learn. It shows also the stubbornness and impatience of human nature even the Israelites. No one said the walk is easy, but it takes our faith and trust in God to make it through.

What’s To Come?

This week I start work at 6 AM lol ew haha. Just kidding, it just takes me back to BioControl when I would have to wake up at 4AM to get ready and drive almost an hour to get to Bellevue. It was 6 AM to 2:30 PM every weekday. If I could do that, I could definitely do this. LOL.

I think that’s it. I have no more updates as of today. I haven’t really been updating my social platforms due to the time that has been put into work. The only thing I’ve shared is about Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway on Instagram, haha. We loooove Peter Rabbit! Have a great week, my friends and I will see you on the next post. Remember, I love you and God loves you!


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