Genealogy & The Reason To Love

Dear Friends,

Have you ever thought about your family tree? I have. Actually, no I haven’t but then I ended up doing so. The reason why I’m bringing this up was because I was reading about the genealogy of Yeshua. I was learning it from two books: Luke and Matthew.

Here’s what I’ve learned. Luke was recording the genealogy beginning from God, then a legal lineage, like also how it was back then as a levirate custom. Matthew though, records it from a biological view starting from David. But also from David, it was recording from another son: Luke from Nathan and Matthew from Solomon. Either way, the line points back to a descendant of David, which David came from the lineage of Abraham, and Abraham came from a lineage of Noah, Noah from Seth, and of course Seth from Adam. And then we all know that Adam was formed by God.

There are similar names in the world. Like there’s more than one person named Livi and there’s more people that has the same name as yours. David has a son named Nathan and also a prophet also named Nathan that helped to guide him during his reign. The “Joseph” name also gets people confused, but Mary has a grandfather named Joseph, too!

No one really knows about Nathan, but everyone knows about Solomon. Of course, because He was also King after David and the person who built THE temple. Also, the Levite customs were like hm, you know kind of weird in our modern times lol. But hey, that’s how it was and I’m sure how some things now would be weird in times to come. Say a man dies without an heir, his brother would have to marry his wife. The child then would legally be the dead bro’s, but biologically it would be his. Technically, it’s still the same bloodline… like the rest of the bloodlines.


The thing that I’m getting to is that if your family tree can be big, and Jesus’ was hella big, and other people’s can also be big, then at one point those branches will intertwine with other branches. All those will lead to the realization that we all are related in some way. There is a blood relation, no matter how far it may be.

I love these topics. It’s so mind blowing. It’s so amazing because this shows how much Jesus loves us. It makes more sense to know that God is so patient with everyone because everyone IS His child. Everyone literally is His creation and He loves us all.

I use to wonder, “Hmm, actually yes, why is it so long between Jesus birth from the start of sin, and then also why is the second coming so far off from His crucifixion?” I wondered this off and on even when I was still a Muslim. My friend at the time when I was like fifteen, had her Saturday worship at their house or something. She was seventh day Adventist.

I was curious and asked her about her beliefs and when will Jesus really would come back? She responded, “I don’t know, my grandparents thought it would happen when they were a child and it still hasn’t happened.” Lol, I mean, if we are going to be real, there is an impatience in that sentence and her tone.

I was fifteen so I didn’t care, and also, I didn’t believe in Jesus back then, so I really didn’t care. But now, wow, I’m “shooketh” LOL. That word is so ugly, but in all seriousness, I am in awe in how loving and beautiful our God is. Man, He has a heart of gold.

Think about the rudest, most annoying, obnoxious or possibly even an evil person in your life. Well… God still loves them. He waits and waits for every person to come to Him. He waits and waits for them to repent and love Him, too. There are no only second chances for God, He gives numerous chances. Just like I would with my own children.

Well, that’s why it’s taking so long. It’s long to us but not to Him. This is why we must take every chance to share this light in us wherever we go. If you have accepted Jesus and love Him, share that love wherever you go. You don’t even have to say the word Jesus, but by action. Your loving nature, your patience, and your ability to keep still rather than give in to anger.

It’s a wonderful reason to love. It’s a reason for us not to curse our neighbors, the chef who botched your food, an annoying supervisor, or whoever else. God doesn’t say you should be treated as a doormat and let people walk all over you, but He says to receive His wisdom. We can take this into account before we respond. He wants you to speak life and truth. That is also love.

When the Bible says we are brothers and sisters in Christ… it technically is true! We share the same Father. He is called the Father for a reason! We are made in the likeness of our Father and this is how we can understand that statement. It’s lengthy and takes so much pondering to reach understanding what He meant. Don’t you just love that? Well, I think this is it, friends. It’s 11:56 PM at night now and I think my sleepy time yogi bear tea is kicking in because my eyes are getting so super droopy. I enjoyed today and I enjoy our talks! I hope you had a beautiful day today and remember, God literally loves you. See you later!


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