I’m On Week 7 Out Of 10!

Wooh! I can’t believe I’m over halfway in this epic heat program. I’m actually doing this with my friend Michelle who loves to work out, too. I love having a friend to do it with me because it gives me motivation.

If you guys haven’t tried Caroline Girvan’s workout videos, they are tough but also so easy to follow. There isn’t any complex moves that make you feel like you’re getting left behind, but her whole theme is “You VS You”. It is timed, but you go on your own pace. She doesn’t speak through the workouts so that means you are not distracted whatsoever.

I think I’ve been in a “quiet” mood lately. I want to workout and I want to follow a program, but I don’t want to hear talking throughout. It’s weird, because last year I was ALL about that. Haha, I think there’s just a time and a season for everything.

Epic Heat Program

I have three weeks and a half left. As you can see, I work out four times a week and I skip the Sunday workouts. I used to feel “guilty” about things like that, but no more! Now, I feel accomplished with my own plans and expectations. I love the “You VS You” mindset because that allows me to put a healthy mindset in fitness.

My Activity!

I think following a program and also having an accountability partner helps in pushing through. I haven’t really had a consistency again since last year for a while. April is my first month this year that I started being consistent again.

For May, although it isn’t done yet, I’m happy to see that the records show that I am pushing through. I’ve been enjoying the outdoor and indoor walks on some of the “rest days. It’s been nice because we have been having sunny days sometimes! If it’s not sunny, I hop on my treadmill. I turn on my Netflix show (Heartland at the moment) and just enjoy my walk!

This video was from last year when we moved our workout area into the craft room by the garage. I love it because I don’t have to worry about all my mess in my living room, haha. When I worked out in the garage, I was only really able to use it for a few months out of the year. It would be super cold some months and scorchingly hot the other months. The perfect months would only be some days in Spring season and the Fall! Read this post to see closer to see this Dumbbell Rack to organize all the dumbbells or you can watch the video below!

Alright friends, that’s it for my update today. I hope you enjoy this little “motivation” if you are trying to get back into working out consistently again. Do it with joy, and do not be harsh with yourself! Love the way you are now because you are blessed whether you know it or not. When you cross your finish line, it is even better because you’ll be proud that you did it with love the entire time. Remember, you are truly loved and don’t forget to have a beautiful day! See the good and love all that you are.


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