IKEA Hemnes Storage

ikea hemnes shoe storage

If one thing I know for sure, is that for at least one year and a half, I have been talking about some sort of organization near our bed in our somewhat small bedroom. I say small because our kids rooms’ are bigger than ours! The obstacle that we have come across is that it was a little tough to find something that would not take up room for walking. It also cannot cost hundreds of dollars, haha. Enter the Ikea Hemnes shoe storage cabinet! While this is definitely not used for shoes, this met every bit of my expectations when purchasing this item! Of course, this being our bedroom, the love lair, we must have a beautiful message that surpasses all words in this room. 1 Corinthians 13:8 is the stand out bible verse here!

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ikea hemnes shoe storage

Before we get to the actual organization, I want to show you how I am using the cabinet top! Ooh, I love this so much! I’ve got a totally unnecessary ball decor that I found from Hobby Lobby on the left side that serves no purpose at all, but it definitely evens out the decorations, does it not? I knew I wanted neutral decoration items so these color choices are everything I’ve visioned.

The tray here is used for quick grab and go things like wallets, keys, or my hubby’s work I.D’s, or let’s be real random stuff like when I take off my necklace and need to drop it somewhere. Of course, you cannot forget greenery, it’s just a must for me. With all things fakery and dead things in this world, we have at least got to have a plant somewhere even if it is artificial, lol, at least it looks lively!

Last but not least… if you and your hubby or wifey love to drink wine at the end of the day, let me tell you that this is perfect for it. I have this rectangular shaped tray that I found from Amazon to store the wine glasses and wine bottle. This is a must to avoid and prevent staining from drips and spills. Spills has happened before and I totally freaked out over it that I said, “No more, lady!” and put that tray as a serving tray. Voila!

ikea hemnes shoe storage

Now on to the actual cabinet! Since this is made to organize shoes, this is all the more reason why it’s such a compact storage. It opens this way to show the item from above. It’s pretty neat and still works as a regular drawer, I might say!

ikea hemnes shoe storage

In the bottom drawer, I store my hats and I love how this organizes it. It allows at least eight hats, although I forgot how many hats I have in here. I know my husband has more and he can fit a lot in his drawer. I want to shout out my favorite hat brand called beacon threads. They have clothes, too but OOH I love their hats due to their distressed nature that makes it all the more unique. As a matter of fact, I gifted one to all my sisters this past Christmas!

Check out this video to see what we put in the other drawers, it’s not much, but you could see what can fit in here and how it actually looks like!

ikea hemnes shoe storage

We have enjoyed having this here in our bedroom. It looks pretty exquisite for what it is and I think it is well made for the price. Don’t be shoved into a box thinking that this could only be used for shoes because this gem can be used for any room for different purposes! I found this in my local ikea, but you can check out IKEA.com! I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you on my next post.

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ikea hemnes shoe storage

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