Charlotte Tilbury Lunar New Year Lipstick Swatches

charlotte tilbury lunar new year lipsticks

If I could choose one brand of lipsticks for my entire life, It would be Charlotte Tilbury. They are the most comfortable lipsticks ever and the colors are also very pretty! This new year, she released three new colors in her lunar new year collection. I only chose two, though, as I literally don’t need another red lipstick.

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The packaging is definitely beautiful with its red studded packaging. Of course, there will always be a gold in her items! I think these are the refillable lipstick tubes if I’m not mistaken.

The Sweet Blossom shade is actually her KISSING formula which is a super creamy formula that is sooooo buttery smooth. It feels so comfortable on your lips. I have a few shades in this formula and I absolutely love it! The shade of the sweet blossom turns much more warm on my skin tone than I actually like it to be, but depending on the makeup I wear, it can work. I am a neutral to olive undertone, by the way!

charlotte tilbury lunar new year lipsticks

Ah, this. THIS is much more up my alley. Rose Wish is described as a brick red shade, but it isn’t as deep as I thought it would be. If I were to actually read descriptions, I would’ve known that it also described it as “muted”. Luckily, I ended up preferring the subtlety of this shade. This shade, however, is what I would call a RUSTY brick red shade without leaning too warm. It compliments my skin tone so well! This formula is her matte revolution formula which is a matte, but a comfortable matte. Here is random iphone photo of me wearing the shade:

Nevermind what I’m holding, I was reviewing some jewelry brand! Haha, but do you see what I mean by the shade? Brick red, but rusty, but subtle, but bold!


charlotte tilbury lunar new year lipsticks

When I was swatching the shades, I was like… interesting. Rose wish looks like a deeper version of sweet blossom. On the lips, not so. Anyway…


In this video, I show lip swatches and my overall thoughts of these lipsticks. They’re so pretty and you might like the red shade called Lucky Cherry that is also available! Thanks so much for visiting and I will see you on my next post!

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