How To Personalize A Gift Card For Christmas!

Last minute gifting or not wanting to leave out that super kind & thoughtful neighbor, amazing teachers, distant relatives, or friends? Gift cards are the perfect solution! Special thanks to Incomm for sponsoring this post so we can #savemoneygivebetter2018 

It’s almost my favorite time of the year! Christmas is just around the corner. We love Christmas shopping for our loved ones and it’s such a joyful activity in our family! It does take some work, but all that takes work results in a very happy occasion for our family and friends – something that we can be very proud taking a part of!

But what about the special people in our lives that aren’t exactly close to us, but play a very important role? I have three kids in elementary school with GREAT teachers who we love to shower with Christmas love, too.

We all have at least one neighbor that is just so extremely kind and thoughtful, relatives you haven’t seen in a long time but will be around for Christmas, friends, or other loved ones that you’d like to give a gift to… but have absolutely no clue what they would like!

I have a super easy D.I.Y solution for personalizing gift cards to make it extra special for them. Gift cards does not have to be an impersonal gift! All you’ll need are a few items and just five reasons why you think they’re the best!


What You Will Need

  • 3 Christmas cardstock papers, size 8.5 x 11
  • 1 Solid cardstock paper, White
  • Guillotine paper cutter
  • Christmas themed washi tapes
  • Mod Podge or Tape
  • String of your choice
  • Scissors or Xacto knife
  • Hole puncher
  • Holiday Gift Cards from Walmart


Need help finding the proper gift cards? Save time and money by purchasing gift cards at your local Walmart! There are so many gift cards to choose from that are available such as various restaurant gift cards, subway, dominos, spa deals, google play, fandango, and so much more.

The Holiday gift card display is easy to spot. Just look at how bright and fun it is, I was able to find it with no problem because it was right in front of the cashiers. If you don’t have any of the papercrafting materials at home, you can get them here at Walmart, too! Super convenient, right? Once you find your gift card, the rest will fall into place.


Step by Step How To

1. Cut your 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper in fours and it literally is the perfect fit for the gift cards. I chose three different Christmas designs to make it fun! You’ll end up using 8 or 9 of the cut up papers. 


2. Type in five reasons why you think they’re the best, then print them out on the solid white cardstock. Here is a quick template if you need ideas or just simply print it out!

3. Use the paper cutter or scissors to cut the wordings, see picture.

4. Use mod podge or tape to glue them unto the Christmas cardstock.

5. Use the washi tapes to create a border around the wordings. Cutting the washi tapes with the xacto knife makes it so much easier, but feel free to use scissors!



6. Hole punch the top & bottom of each page and tie with your choice of string!
I wrapped mine three times and then tied it. Make sure to leave enough room to easily
flip the pages,  you don’t want it too tight!

Note: Make sure to position your gift card so that it will fit next to the hole punched paper.


7. Tape the gift card on the very last page, this will ensure easy peel off.

Note how I glued the “Here is a special treat for you & your loved one” on the back of the previous page.


Whether the gift cards are last minute gifting, or that you don’t want to leave out that special someone that’s important in your lives… this DIY is an easy solution to make a gift card mean so much more and it’ll definitely put a smile on their face! I know that some people are probably busy and wouldn’t even think of taking the time to eat out with their loved one.

This is an incredible gift to remind them just how special they are to you and that they deserve a night out. Make it simple, make it easy, but make it thoughtful and from the heart. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, see you on my next post! Happy gifting!


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