How To Make Matcha Latte

how to make matcha latte

Surviving motherhood is just a real quote sometimes. Especially during this pandemic, with the kids out of school and being home literally 24/7! As a mom of multiple kids, sometimes it can get frustrating trying to homeschool and work at the same time… while trying to tend to other things in the home. Yikes! I know for a fact, parents can get frustrated or just wanting a little me time, right? No worries… I feel you!

It’s normal and it’s nothing for you to feel guilty or fret about. We ALL can be frustrated, complain, and feel stressed. Guess what? it’s okay! Don’t listen to those who pretend they never lose their cool. IT’S A façade! LOL. Well, you know what’s not a façade? HOW MUCH I LOVE MATCHA LATTE. Ain’t nothing fake about it, lol. It’s downright delicious and I can guarantee (you as a matcha lover), you will enjoy this little break from life and survive motherhood one sip at a time!

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how to make matcha latte

2 TSP Matcha powder,
Warm water
1 CUP of milk, your choice
2 TBS of honey OR
1 TSP Vanilla Extract

Matcha Mixer or Handheld Frother

Heat up your milk in your mug
Mix the matcha powder with warm water in a separate glass
Pour the matcha mix into your milk
Add honey & vanilla extract

Mix the warm water with the matcha powder in your glass
Add in honey (will melt with the warm water)
Add your choice of milk & vanilla extract
Add ice and enjoy!


Wasn’t that just so easy? Sometimes I even drink it twice a day. Warm in the morning and cold in the afternoon. Don’t forget, you can adjust your matcha powder and honey to your liking. Sometimes, I want it sweeter so I add a little more or add sugar.


how to make matcha latte

I hope that this recipe idea is very helpful and that you think it’s easy…. because it is! I was looking for a matcha kit and I was like… eh, lol. I don’t want to worry about it breaking or it being a bad quality mixer so I ended up getting that hand held frother. It mixes it so much faster and easier. Enjoy this delicious drink and take a moment to unwind, mama! (or dad!)

Whatever troubles or frustrations you’re feeling… let it out as you take one sip of this darn delicious matcha latte. If you’re like me… open up Netflix or hey, have you tried Quibi? and just enjoy a few moments with just you. Alright, my friends! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I will see you on the next one.

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how to make matcha latte

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