Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All Over Veil In ROSE RAVE

What’s a diamond bomb? Ugh, Fenty Beauty is WHAT! Rihanna’s makeup brand has come out with a new shade in their diamond bomb all over veil collection. This one is called ROSE RAVE! I saw it in my local Sephora and I was like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I had no idea there was going to be new shades. Today, I also found out that there is another shade in addition to this one. It’s called ROYAL ICING, but I don’t have that one and no Sephora is selling that shade yet. Apparently, these shades are going to be released on 11/11/20.

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The box is so cute. It’s pink all over with bling bling all over it. Although the box is not as glittery as the Diamond Bomb All Over Veil How Many Carats!

The shade of the highlighter is also noted on the top/bottom of the box. Rose Ravé is the cutest name ever and I must say, fits the whole pink theme.

Even the packaging has a lot of bling and sparkle. Isn’t that so pretty? I just love the rose gold color. I don’t have many items from the brand, but I sure do love their diamond bomb veils!


fenty beauty diamond bomb all over veil rose rave

Okay, for the life of me I can’t grasp the pink hue to this highlighter with my Sony camera. I can only capture the pink hue with my phone. Why? NO CLUE and it’s sort of annoying, haha. Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All Over Veil in Rosé Rave is described as a pure pink with gold sparkle highlighter on the Fenty Beauty website.

The other new shade that is also supposed to be coming soon is called Royal Icing, which is a pure champagne with gold sparkle highlighter. I CAN’T WAIT because I love champagne highlighters. But really though, how many highlighters do I need?

fenty beauty diamond bomb all over veil rose rave

Check out the rose gold prettiness here. I am terrible at swatching because Washington is so gloomy now that is Fall season, I can’t get good natural lighting. This is the best I can do! You can see the sparkle on my arm.

This is ‘Rose Rave’ compared to ‘How Many Carats?!‘. As you can see here, the ‘Rose Ravé‘ is much more subtle and wearable for a daily wear. Don’t be fooled, though… once you step into the sunlight, IT’S NOT SUBTLE NO MO’! Really, check out the video below.


What did you think? I am in love with this rose gold sparkle. It’s so beautiful! You can check out the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All Over Veil Rose Ravé here at Sephora. You can also visit the Fenty Beauty website and drool all over the Royal Icing shade as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Rose RaveFenty Beauty Diamond Bomb How Many Carats?!


fenty beauty diamond bomb all over veil rose rave

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