Amazon Finds: Oversized Blanket Sweater

amazon finds oversized blanket sweater

It’s one month until Christmas and the winter season. Wooh, it’s going to be super cold here in the pacific northwest! If you live in a cold area like me or want to gift someone a super awesome gift… this is the post for you! I’ll show you these fun blanket sweaters for adults and kids!

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amazon finds oversized blanket sweater

The one that I have is the Catalonia Oversized Blanket Sweater! Of course, you guessed it… this is an amazon find and one that I think is such an awesome find, hehe. This is one size, has a sherpa lining, and they have many colors to choose from! Some fun features is that it has a huge pocket, a mini pocket inside of that pocket, elastic wrists so that it can fit literally anyone, and a snap in the hood to keep it in place! I chose the color ‘latte’ because one, I love lattes and two, because it’s a such a pretty, neutral, elegant looking brown!

amazon finds oversized blanket sweater

THEY EVEN HAVE A KIDS VERSION! No way! Yes, way. These are also one size, but I have three kids and this one size fits all of them. It fits me, too LOL. My youngest is seven and on the petite spectrum and it does go almost all the way down to her feet for her. My son has the kids blanket sweater in ash gray and my youngest daughter has the kids blanket sweater in brown bear. My oldest girl was in zoom during this picture, so…. you’ll have to see how she looks in the kids blanket sweater in gray cat in the video below! SOOO CUTE!


amazon finds oversized blanket sweater

I just love living in this. You won’t regret this purchase AT ALL! Get warm and cozy in this oversized comfiness. I think I want to do Christmas pictures in these things, HAHA. Thanks so much for stopping by and I’ll see you on the next post!

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