Family Activity: Pioneer Farm Museum

pioneer farm museum eatonville, waHave you ever wondered what it was like to live in the 1880’s? It’s such a different world back then, but it’s so amazing to learn where we came from. A great place for a family activity located in Eatonville, Washington. The heart of education and history right here in Pioneer farm! There are so many activities here in the farm to see what it’s really like to live during this time.


pioneer farm museum eatonville, waWe were in awe by the cute, sleeping cat by the trading post. This is the building where you’ll go for tickets and general information about the farm.


Pioneer Farm Museum

7716 Ohop Valley Rd E
Eatonville, WA 98328 (360) 832-6300


pioneer farm museum eatonville, waLet’s start with the kids chores. Wait what? This is kids chores? I truly believe that the new era is very lenient on what kids can do. I’m about to tell my kids to cut all the carrots from now on. This tool is pretty awesome and it was pretty much like a game to her!


pioneer farm museum eatonville, waI’m used to getting butter out of my fridge, but not in this time! We gotta churn that buttah. This is by far her favorite chore in this house. Can you believe that they spend ALL DAY for dinner? Oh man, oh man I gotta take a long hard look at myself. In this house, you can also see their attire, children’s toys, grooming tools, and crafts!


The Barn


pioneer farm museum eatonville, wa
Meet the pig! See what I mean by hands on? You and your kiddos can literally pet the animals. She really loved, loved this barn because of all the animals that was in it. There was cows and chickens and…


pioneer farm museum eatonville, waThe bunny! She stood here for a good fifteen minutes just staring and playing with the rabbit. Next to the barn, there is also a blacksmith.



pioneer farm museum eatonville, wa
I cant remember what this building was, but I believe it was a small school? Although this isn’t the building that they used to show what the school is like!


pioneer farm museum eatonville, waThere is another building by the small one that we just saw, and this is a small snippet of the classroom. I really like and appreciate the manners that are taught in the school at the time. Respect is so important to teach the kids at a young age!


pioneer farm museum eatonville, waAfter the tour, there was a quick ride with the horse! It’s really fun and Mimi loved it. She had sooo much fun here with her classmates. If it wasn’t for this field trip, we would have never known about this place. It was so amazing to learn! Are you in the area? Check this place out and learn more about the museum hours and pricing by visiting their website. Thank you so much for visiting and until next time!


Visit Pioneer Farm Website





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pioneer farm museum eatonville, wa


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  1. Julie Stephens
    August 14, 2018 / 7:54 PM

    What a fun trip!

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