Seriously Easy Croissant Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

I am one of those mamas who does not have a passion for cooking, haha. I’m being honest! But I do love the feeling of the end result of it, though. I love knowing that food is ready for my family to eat but that also means I don’t have to bust my butt doing so, either. During busy mornings or tired mornings, I go for the super easy stuff like this Croissant breakfast sandwich. It only has three ingredients and if you shop at Costco, I think you’ll find these food items very familiar to you.



Four Eggs (at a time)
Sliced cheese


Like my ingredient list? 

1. Use a medium size pan and crack four eggs. I don’t scramble them or anything.

2. Take your spatula and kind of squish the egg yolk so that it would end up being flat like their white yolk friends in the pan.

3. Use a flat turner type of spatula (what’s the name of it? haha) and cut them in four. That’s the reason my eggs look like some sort of triangle.



While your eggs are cooking…


Cut your croissants in half.

Take your favorite cheese and slap them on the croissant.

When your eggs are done… slap that on the cheese, too. Our favorite cheese is by Tillamook!

If you don’t like spicy food in your foods, I recommend to pick either the Colby Jack or the Monterey Jack but if you LOVE spicy like me… try out the pepper jack or the habanero jack. Oh my gosh, it’s so good.

*Use Daiya sliced cheese for food allergies!


I use a toaster oven and I would toast this on the number “4” in the setting. It gives such a nice crisp and melts all the cheese, but if you don’t have a toaster oven, crisping it up in the oven should be fine, too! Honestly though, you should get a toaster oven, it’s awesome and makes everything so much easier. Did I tell you I like easy to prepare foods?


Seriously, it is so simple. I call this Costco cooking because Costco always makes it easier for mama. Whenever I make this during the weekends or whenever he works nights during the weekdays, he always comments with a “YES!!!!!” Haha. It’s good and so easy. You can use any croissants you find, but the Kirkland Signature Croissants from Costco is just so good.

It’s really interesting… it has milk in the ingredient list, but I think it’s such a super small amount or that the milk protein is broken down so much that it’s fine for Mimi. If you’re new to my blog, Mimi has dairy allergies and she was able to eat these croissants. So awesome.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this super easy breakfast idea! I’ll see you on the next one!






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