Evy’s Tree Katherine in Shell Pink


Ahh, what a day! Today was such an eventful day in regards to finishing errands, jobs, and house chores. There are times when I’m doing things like this looking not so awake or even close to presentable… but there are days when I can! I don’t put too much effort because I am quite busy, so I always love when I can find comfortable clothing that makes me look like I DID put more effort than meets the eye. I have a million hoodies, but none of those hoodies feel or look anything like Evy’s Tree.


*This post is in affiliation with Evy’s Tree! I purchased this hoodie on my own!

​If I could show you in person, you would see that these hoodies are so luxious! They feel so incredibly soft which makes your comfort level off the roof. Not only that, but their designs are so beautiful and classy! Just look at this one in the Katherine in shell pink. The beautiful pastel pink just gives pretty a whole new meaning. The crochet pattern on the chest area is just so unique. The fabric on top of the zipper is also a major plus! I am really, really impressed at each detail of this hoodie. I want more in other colors!

This hoodie like the previous one I shared on my blog has the thumb holes on the sleeves. It’s so helpful for my freezing hands when I pick up my kids from the school bus stop, haha! Lastly, another feature of the Katherine is the ruffles on the bottom. It is SO PRETTY!!! I don’t own anything like this and so happy to be able to snag one for me and my daughter from their website before it’s gone.


Evy’s tree hoodies typically sells out pretty quickly because I mean, who can resist???, but they always always have great sales too! This Katherine in Shell Pink is luckily on sale and you can check it out here: bit.ly/katherinepink I purchased one for my daughter as well from their honey line which you can check out here: bit.ly/shellpink


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