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Hello mamas!I’ve got an exciting review for you today regarding Jujube Customs by a dear sweet pink lady mama by the name of Voila Verla! I found her from the Pink Lady Chat over in Facebook and checked out her Etsy shop. Right off the bat, I was very interested in wipes covers. Wipes aren’t just for babies because they are just as handy above the baby and toddle years. Heck, I even use it still for myself. Wiping off dirty hands after eating on the go or at outdoor events and I’m sure you can think of much more other reasons to keep wipes nearby or in your purse.

If you are new to jujube customs, which I practically am since this is my first order ever, they are custom made from Jujube changing pads. I have tons of bags that have changing pads and they literally sit unused and collecting dust. Just kidding, they don’t collect dust because those babies are safe and taken care of inside a duffle bag, haha. What better way to put these into use by making them into a customed item? There’s tons of pink ladies out there that love doing this and have an etsy shop especially for you!

I ordered three items from Verla, one being a wipes cover called Huggies Clutch n Clean which fits my HUGE 100 count wipes from Costco from my Out To Sea changing pad. Second item is a wipouch cover and lastly, a quicklet from my Donutella’s Sweet Shop changing pad


First, let’s talk about the Out To Sea wipes cover. I shop at Costco and if I can help it, won’t shop anywhere else if Costco sells them. One being wipes, because it’s a good buy with quantity. Except I quickly found out that I never could finish one 100 count wipes before it starts drying out from the plastic cover being damaged. I don’t baby these wipes because it does get tossed around from bag to bag or car to car. These do literally get tossed around so much that eventually the bottom of the wipes plastic bag rip and eventually air will dry these wipes out. Since I don’t plan to stop using wipes anytime soon, I thought it would be time for me to purchase a wipes cover. Not just any cover, but a Jujube print one!As you can see, since Kirkland Signature changed their wipes, this is how it will look now using the wipes case. I don’t see why Costco always need to change stuff if it worked fine haha. I guess they get that bored?


The work on these are superb. I couldn’t find any loose threads or anything! I love how she chose that type of zipper hardware because I could put a fob on it if I wanted to! I just need to convince my husband that a wipes cover need a cute key fob on it….. Hahaha!


Picture Picture
Next is the wipouch cover using Donutella’s sweet shop changing pad. Since I ordered WAY too many DSS print bags, I ended up having three changing pads with absolutely no use. I sent one over to Verla, another to HappiHippo (review coming soon), and the last one still Chillin in my closet. I love the wipouch for my purse since it’s very thin and compact and since I’ll have it on me the most I had to choose this print for it. I am a die hard donutella fan, mmkay? I’m also weak over pastels… They are just so soft and friendly looking that I can’t help but love Donutella’s sweet shop! My favorite color is also pastel green. These are just literally too cute and perfect. Before I forget to mention this, these do come with tiny D rings on the side so it could be attached to something if needed.


Last but not least, I can’t stress enough how awesome these quicklets are! These are like a pumped version of a small Be Set. Instead of being super narrow like a small set, these have width for much more stuff! To better show you how much stuff it can fit in this, I am able to fit a too faced retractable kabuki brush, a bare minerals compact, Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss, tarte lip liner, nyx brow pencil, a super kawaii comb, and hair ties. The small set would not fit all these because the kabuki is pretty big regarding width. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I am really liking this because initially I didn’t plan on ordering anything else besides those two wipes covers. Verla let me know I would have some fabric leftover and introduced me to the quicklet which I am ecstatic about.I loved working with Voila Verla! The communication was very good at expressing my wishes for these products. The turnaround time is very good as well. Have you had any changing pads customed? If so, what are they? Let me know in the comments below and until next time!



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*Products purchased by me, not sponsored. All opinions are always my own!

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