Jujube Be Right Back Backpack (BRB)


It is almost time for back to school and even though the sisters have all their cute little girly jujube backpacks, jujube has a MANLY looking print for our boys here. What I mean by manly, I just mean it’s just plain black. It matches with everything and the black hardware from the onyx line just makes this backpack look extremely sleek.

At first I thought it would be too big for him, but it’s perfect. It looks really good for children 5 and up, or for those younger kids who are just extremely tall children. The straps could hang a bit low if it’s tightened too much, but I don’t think it looks bad. He seems to really like all black color of this one, he says “I like black because papa’s favorite color is black!”​This bag is a 16 inch backpack that would do great with school binders, homework, and folders. It is cleverly designed that every space isn’t wasted. I only wish I had this bag when I was in school. Do we all agree? I say yes. Not only does it look so cute on my son, but I bet it would look extremely sexy on my husband, HAHA. I only hope that jjb make more dad friendly prints!


I just love how the straps are very ergonomic and it is also padded, so it is very comfortable to wear. I’ve carried my own brb in the hello perky print at a theme park earlier this month and I was pretty surprised how my shoulders didn’t even hurt one bit. I’m not the type to leave my belongings on the stroller when we go on rides , so I always tag them along with me. If I can say one thing… The BRB is the most comfortable bag out of all the styles one for an all day wear. I LOVE LOVE this style especially for outdoor events and trips.​Some behind the scenes of these pictures… We were outside for a good half an hour just enjoying the nature while letting Ezekiel act natural and just having fun being a kid. Playing with leaves and sticks while mommy takes pictures, you know? The pictures always turn out great if it’s in the moment! Anyway, he did not complain that the bag was getting heavy. I filled the bag with a notebook, a folder, his pencil case, some crayon & pencil boxes, and a lunch bag…. he didn’t say anything about the weight! It’s THAT comfortable.


What do you think of the Be Right Back style? Does your kids use them for school? Let me know in the comments below!Xo,


*Sponsored in partnership with Ju-Ju-Be, I’m a big time lover of jujube and my favorite collection is onyx! All opinions are my own!

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