Amazon Finds: Adjustable Broom & Dustpan Set

adjustable broom and dustpan set

What is the thing EVERYONE uses? Brooms. If you have a broom, then you must have a dustpan. Vacuums work, but let’s be real, WE ALL NEED BROOMS! This new Amazon find that I am sharing with you today is a broom and dustpan set. It’s also adjustable which is a winner. So let’s get into this!

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The actual item is called Kelamayi Dustpan & Broom Set Durable & Foldable Lobby Broom and Upright Dustpan Comb Designed with Stainless Steel Long Handle, Ideal for Home Kitchen Cleaning. WOOH THAT’S LONG! The color I chose is pastel green or mint green, haha. I never know what to call these colors. Sometimes it looks mint and sometimes it looks pastel, but the actual description is Jade Green. Cute name.

This is the most easy on the eyes color that they have… the other is blue and orange. Literally so tacky. Good thing is, my house has pops of colors of green! See my couch? Mm hm!The broom hairs are very, very flexible. It makes it easy to maneuver. It’s still not as great as my all time favorite asian brooms (which I still have), but the flexibility is just like it.


The dustpan has teeth on it to make all the hairs (or hay! if you have a bunny) easy to remove and kept inside the dustpan. It works really well actually which I’m quite surprised about. I don’t ever have many good expectations from things like this, haha. If you watch the video down below, I did a demo cleaning our bunny’s area!


The handles on both the broom and dustpan are adjustable. You can simply remove the middle part to make it your perfect height. I’m 5’2 so the full size is BEYOND TALL.

See how the height of the broom and dustpan is on the shorter setting? Haha, I just don’t know who’s tall enough for the full size. Maybe our cousin Gary who’s 6’7! I tried to see if I could put the broom and dustpan in the shortest setting of only the handle part… but it only worked for the broom, not so much the dust pan!


Comes see this Broom & Dustpan Set in action! Bunnies are so messy, haha. Hay and little turds everywhere, so this helps so much. My kids are usually in charge for sweeping up their area for the most part, so this set works for them, too! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you on my next post!

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Broom & Dustpan Set


adjustable broom and dustpan set

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