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If you’re on a fitness journey and using macros to help with your nutrition, then a food scale is a MUST. It’s used to properly measure everything that you eat so that your protein, fat, and carbs are well aligned in your daily intake. Last year, I focused on keeping my workouts consistently but I hit a plateau this year. I knew I had to work on my nutrition in a much more consistent way.

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I follow Sydney Cummings workouts on youtube and in her Sydney squad group, she shares that she uses this OXO Food Scale. I LOVE how there is a pullout so that if you are using a huge bowl to measure your food, you can easily still see the screen. Another plus for this feature is that when it’s stored, nothing can bump or potentially damage the screen.

This scale weighs food up to 11 pounds, but I never weigh anything close to that, haha. I love the glass top of this as well so that when food spills on it, you can easily wipe it off. This food scale is so easy to use:

  1. Pull out the screen and place your bowl or plate on the scale.
  2. Press Zero to tare it so that everything is set back to zero.
  3. Slowly weigh your food to reach the proper measurement.
  4. Tare it again before you add additional food.

After using this for a while, I figured that you can put the bowl FIRST and then pull out the screen so you don’t need to tare it to begin with. Of course, you’ll still have to tare it if you are adding a different food on the same plate.

This is how it looks like when the screen is stored inside the food scale. Looks super sleek, doesn’t it? There are other food scales by OXO, but this one is the most sleek looking and I LOVE how it matches my kitchen cabinets, hehe. I mean, it has to match, right?


In this video, I show you an unboxing of this food scale, my first impressions, demonstrations on weighing different foods for that day, and my overall thoughts. Let me tell you, when I started using this to watch my intake of food…. it’s been such a game changer. My waist has been steadily slimming and my body feels so much stronger. I found out that my protein intake was WAY down and my carbs and fat was WAY up. No wonder, I wasn’t losing the fat! Wooh, what an eye opener, literally! I hope that this post has helped you find your perfect food scale. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I’ll see you on the next post!

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OXO Good Grips Food Scale 11 LB



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