Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Prayer is a such a powerful act. Prayer is so powerful in the most subtle way. God is good like that… He is about being subtle and loving while breaking a heart of stone with the softest blow. I’ve prayed for God to come into my family and marriage for so long, and this past week I have witnessed His power revealed before me. In my husband, in myself, and in all the people surrounding us. His nature is so strong, yet so calming. His answers to my prayers could either come one by one, or it could come down all at once like the rain.
Rain… It hinders us to do our daily things. We aren’t able to go outside to play sports, go jogging, or do errands with ease. Oh, how many things we could do if it wasn’t raining today? or tomorrow? or even this whole week? Normally, we feel like rain isn’t good but think about what this wonderful act of God is doing… the beautiful nature God has created is living. it is being sustained, thriving, and it is consuming the gift of life. Suddenly, the waters that are pouring from the Heavens is sprouting new seeds, growing the tallest and most fruitful of trees. Rain, it sustains life. It creates life. Rain is good, even if it doesn’t seem like so for our personal reasons.

Answered prayers are like that… I felt like God was waiting for the right time to pour down His waters for me. But oh having a frail heart, I wanted Him to answer my prayer in my time and in how I thought He should answer it. Before we moved to a new city, I was grieving at the thought of losing my neighbor, she was my mentor in Christ. She taught me things through her experience with Jesus and it was so amazing. I did not have an earthly mother and father who I can share freely about my love for Jesus Christ. I was so blessed to have her, and I was sad to be far away from her. This felt like the rain is drowning me, unable to breathe in my own storm. But little did I know that the rain was giving me life, slowly nurturing me to grow in Christ.

​In my previous post, I talked about the wonders of God’s work and how it can numb you when you realize His amazing nature. I’m still numb because today I realized that God wasn’t done revealing His powers. Not only did He meet my husband at the men’s retreat or coming into our marriage… but He gave us a houseful of brothers and sisters of Christ. He didn’t give me one mentor like I prayed for, He gave me AND my husband a circle of people who are on fire for Jesus Christ. From young to old, both men and women. This fire is amazing, and this fire is uncontainable.

​God is good.. I’ve said this many times before, but never with a full heart like this. God is good. God is good all the time. Thank you for being my God, thank you for showing me that You love me when I don’t deserve Your love. Thank you for knowing my heart.


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