Success VS Failures – I do Hard Things Day 6


Today is Tuesday… and this day 6 of the Bible study was actually supposed to be for yesterday. It’s funny how things work… I was extremely busy with organizing and cleaning from this move that I just did not find the time for this specific day. Today was actually the perfect day to read this. I cannot even fathom the mysterious ways God works, or how He makes one’s failures something positive. All day today I was feeling like I was failing in so many aspects of my life as a blogger. I felt like something was missing and I was hit right in the heart confused on what I should do. I simply felt so unsuccessful.

Many times our success story will begin with us doing whatever and going wherever He asks us to.” This truly spoke to me. A lot of the times I feel unsuccessful because I am not giving Him glory… that I am not sharing my passion for God and how He applies to my life. I struggle with this, a lot. I am too busy thinking of ways to make my social media fun and eye catching, but this is where it runs empty. I don’t need to be acknowledged by everyone, because I am already acknowledged, accepted, and loved by Him!

With this realization, I feel my confidence building in my soul. I love giving God the glory, He is to be glorified because He does love me. And He loves you. If I can transparently share about my life and the way my God blesses me, it is a light that shines bright enough that can reflect God’s good nature to everyone around me.

I am letting go, God. I truly DO want my success as You see it. I remove all my discouragement and replace it with your anointing of my heart for true success. Fill my spirit with Yours, Lord so that I may be successful by giving You glory. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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