ARI Perfume by Ariana Grande


Hello loves!

I was at Ulta the other day looking around for this pretty little thing, and to my surprise these were almost sold out at my Ulta stores. I didn’t realize how popular these were… I honestly wanted a perfume that smelled feminine and warm, but fruity at the same time? I have no idea but the description at the Ulta catalog called my name!


I’ve been eyeing this since Christmas, and now I finally took the plunge when I saw this super cute cat cross body bag as a complimentary gift! My youngest daughter loves cats so much and I thought this was going to be great! I actually brought her with me when we bought it and she was so excited to see it that she made the other ladies giggle and laugh as well.


The packaging is super cute and chic just like Ariana herself, and thought that the pictures on the box were a beautiful touch! I love how she chose to dress classy with simple accessories. Anyway, the bottle of the perfume is so gorgeous, it mimics a glimmering pink diamond with a touch of poof furry ball that gives it such a chic feel to it. I think she did a splendid job on the presentation.


My husband actually thought that the poof ball were one of those old school perfumes from the olden days were you have to squeeze it to spray the perfume.


….but no, it actually comes off, haha.


Her name is embedded in the rim of the spray also! As for the description of the perfume, taken from the website:

ARI by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum Spray is a luscious and sexy fragrance. It opens with sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine floralcy, passionately spun with musks, woods, and an addictive hint of marshmallow.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: Crispy pear, pink grapefruit, juicy raspberry
  • Heart: Soft muguet, rose buds, vanilla orchid
  • Drydown: Marshmallow, creamy musk, blonde woods

My opinion:

It definitely has a lovely fruity top fragrance as I initially spray it and then it dries to a wonderful light warm vanilla marshmallow scent. The marshmallow is very apparent and I didn’t realize how much I actually love the smell of marshmallows! I kind of wish this wouldn’t be limited edition as celebrity perfumes usually are, because the scent is so unique that I’m not quite sure what to replace it when hers sell out!


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