Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss


Can we just please agree that these are awesome? Haha. Guyssssss, you know those days when your lips are just DRY and deathly looking. I don’t know but whenever I’m sick I am just like this and there is no running from it. Being a lipstick addict I was sad that wearing lipstick does not help with the dryness. I discovered I didn’t have any moisturizing lip colors anything, my gosh. What was I supposed to do?! Super dramatic, anyways.

I’ve heard great rumors of these being the “most moisturizing lipgloss ever” and I would believe it right away if it wasn’t for the urban decay high revolution lipgloss not being very moisturizing. Yes it had color yesssss it is a lipgloss but my lips was just as dry as it started. Roseandben from Instagram told me that these are her favorite lipgloss and I always believe what she says, haha. My first shades were vintage and dusty lilac. When I received it I wore vintage like no other, I was literally hooked to that thing girl let me tell you. Morning noon and night, after eating whatever, that shade is my faaaaaave! I had no idea dusty lilac was that bright but I’m sure it will be put to good use in spring and summer.


I purchased three more which is sepia, warm bronze, and Maui. Oh my gosh I had no idea Maui was that bright either, hahaha! Really though, I’m not afraid of bright colors but from pictures online it didn’t look that bright. These lipglosses are awesome! They feel so good on the lips, and it REALLY does hydrate your lips. Sometimes lipglosses are fake hydrating because they’re so tacky how can you not feel like it’s not moisturizing your lips. These though have some magic in them. Some of the shades have super tiny sparkle flecks in it like vintage and warm bronze but not very noticeable. Those two are my favorite shades by the way, they just compliment my skin tone so well! Anastasia, you did great with the formula in these ones! Looooooooove!!!


Warm Bronze




Oh yeah, I made a collage lol! Hope you loved this post and all you dry lip ladies (genetically or seasonal) these are for you! Until next time !



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