The Perfect Recipe For A New School Year

There are many things that come with starting the school year. Supplies, clothes and shoes that will be needed for our children throughout the year… In the midst of all the preparing of the material things, there are also feelings of uncertainty, fear, and nervousness that we may feel and discussed very seldom. We never know what will come but I have realized that instead of focusing on things that can’t be controlled, we should fill our children and even ourselves with ingredients that result in confidence and a strong heart. No matter what obstacles that will come our way, we know that we can overcome it.
​The love of a teacher means everything to our children. We all know it. The teacher makes the year and is often what gives ourselves as parents the good sigh of relief when we first meet them. My oldest will be going into third grade this fall and each new year, she always professes her happiness of her teacher. In the end of each school year, she shares how much she will miss them. We have been very blessed so far to have such patient and loving teachers. ​I have great faith that God has placed the right teachers in the perfect place for all of my kids.


What happens when you mix kindness and forgiveness? They produce friendships and oh my, the fun recesses that the kids look forward to are multiplied by laughter with their new friends. I surely do hope and pray that my children will help those that may be in the corner waiting for a friend or quickly apologizing if they have hurt another. What amazing act of kindness would that be to share with another? I have this faith for them, and that faith comes from our Father who knows what we need. It has given me such peace and with peace comes love that my kids can see in me.

These things called love, forgiveness, kindness, faith, hope, and laughter are gifts from God that are all good things, but require our own hearts to claim and do! These are what we can control and are basic tools of life. These are not things we feel, but are actions we choose to do or not do. If I could create a metaphor for those emphasizing myself, whose skills in cooking do not come naturally. Cooking is never easy and could be time consuming, but it always yields the best of foods if you prepare it with love! We must practice the difficult things and this is also true with living life as sons and daughters of God so that we may be fruitful. To become fruitful, we must use the salt that is given to us and we shall give flavor to the earth with the word of God that will transform ourselves into light for all. Matthew 5:13-16

A fruitful tree produces such life that can affect so many others… so this school year, our family will take on the recipe for a happy family. Happiness and joy are contagious and it will keep flying to the direction it needs to go to those whoever you touch! This school year and forever on, our family will embark on this adventure with good ingredients that will produce good bread to feed all. Lord, we will keep the covenant that you have created with us and share Your good gifts with others. We will act with love that You have shown us to produce kindness and a forgiving nature with those around us. Whatever obstacles that may come our path, we have faith in You, Lord that You will bring us through it. Our hope and faith in You is forever, Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen. 

*This specific blog post is not in collaboration with anyone, but I was very inspired to extend the paid Instagram post to share this glass cutting board by my partner brand, Personal Creations. I chose this cutting board because of the GREAT message it gives that I had to share my thoughts and reflections. I was also inspired by Pastor Dezorette’s sermon from Overcomer Covenant this past Sunday of August 20th to share the message of “Be the Salt And Light”.


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