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Now that school life has started, I’ve been in super mommy mode super EARLY everyday making sure these kids have the energy source they need throughout the day. One thing for sure though, so glad we have these 9 oz reusable water bottles for EZ boy, it’s not too big to fit in his lunch pail because we all know the less things these kindergarteners should carry the better! It is a proven fact that if I store it anywhere else than his lunch pail, it will not be brought to the cafeteria. I think this size is so perfect for our little ones, it won’t be too heavy for them to carry! This can be used hot or cold and will stay that way for hours! I own a 17 oz, and I always leave it on my nightstand… it will still be cold then next morning. Is it the bottle or is it because I live in the Pacific Northwest? Haha! Either way, it’s pretty awesome.


Big sister is in the second grade, and since she drinks WAY more water at a time than her brother, I knew I had to find a bigger size… but I wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase a 17 oz for her. Since she has a super cute Donutella’s Sweet Shop Fuel Cell, I thought it would be super cute to hunt the donut theme for her. Swell has a sister brand called S’ip by Swell, it’s only sold at target so far as I know… and we were ECSTATIC to find it at our local store. I was a little worried about the inside of the water bottle… you know what I’m talking about! That gross new-metal-need-to-marinate-in-boiling-water-before-you-can-drink-out-of-it taste. The original swell sold online had NONE of that, and that was a winning reason why I love this brand so much. I’ve had the Sip bottle for a good month before we even used it, and I was so glad because we found that it didn’t have that robot taste. NONE AT ALL! The S’ip retails at 24.99 at Target and they offer various different prints from solids to fun prints. She does not store this in her lunch pail while in school, but in the bottle pockets of her Jujube backpack. In conclusion, she has a super awesome Donutella’s sweet shop duo for her lunch items. Not that she eats donuts or that much sweets for lunch, for that matter!


Have you tried either of these bottles made by S’well? You can take a look at them here they have TONS of different prints that should suit your style. From solid color like the electric blue that Ezekiel has, to fun prints and monochrome feels alike. The original swell bottle retails at $25 for 9oz, $35 for 17oz, and I’m not sure about the 25oz because I don’t know one. Make sure to check out their website to see what they’re all about! I really like the 9oz because it can fit in lunch boxes and all bottle pockets, but for a more extensive type of day, let’s say… outdoor activities, hiking, and theme parks it won’t be enough unless there are water fountains to refill. I personally own the blonde wood and it is GORGEOUS with everything and 17oz is enough for one sitting or two! For those of you who own some of these, what’s your print and what size do you prefer? Leave me a comment below and share all your loves! Thank you so much for visiting and until next time!Xo,
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