Snowy Days

Dear Friends,

These past few days have been so beautiful. Cold, but beautiful. Just look at the photo above. I find it so amazing that there are different weathers. We experience all the things… cold, hot, warmth, wind, and rain. Snow usually comes in February for us Washingtonians. It is seldom it comes in December, hehe. I think we had one white Christmas!

The kids looked forward to playing in the snow and playing in the snow was what they did! Of course, us parents get to join in the fun. We built a snowman that I forgot to take a picture of, got to go on the tube thingy and my hubby pulled us around with his mini truck. What is it called? Inner tube?? LOL! You may enlighten me with this.

I did take a photo of the making of the snowman. This was his body! Isn’t it huge??? We rolled this as a family. Talk about teamwork! Anyway, when the kids were looking forward to these snow days. You know what I had to do? I had to make sure they had their snow gear. Wowwwww, they definitely have outgrown it by far. Like… my oldest had a 6X and I have no clue how it fit for so long. I think they just make these things bigger.

I went to about three or four stores before landing upon snow gear treasure at Big Five! They were on sale, too and I even got a snow bib for me! No more wet butts for me. I told the employees that every where else was sold and I couldn’t believe they had such stock in their store. My hubby ended up getting his snow bib from Amazon as they didn’t have them for men at the store.

Found Keilani’s at Target!
One left at big five!
Whoa, that’s a lot of snow pants!

We chose all black and just basically neutral colors so that it can be handed down easily from one sibling to another. Haha, good thing Mimi can wear Keilani’s snow stuff! It still looks basically new. Next year and the year after that, at least the two younger siblings are set for snow gear!

We had two days of snow fun and it was enough to last for next year! We didn’t get as much snow as 2019, but glad we got snow. The next few days after that it just kept on raining haha. I am very happy though that during this snow storm, our power was only out for less than an hour! Can you imagine if it lasted for a week? In this cold? Woooh, we were prepared though compared to last month. That power outage that we had was kind of brutal. Well, not really as it only lasted a day or two? But STILL!

This year started out difficult for us, but I already know that we can make it through anything. We have come to realize that we are all soooo dependent on electricity that it is a must for us to see all our blessings. All things that we have in life is good. We can either choose to think it’s just normal or see it as a gift! Which is more rewarding? The latter, of course! It gives contentment and everlasting joy. I think that’s why Jesus always taught us to come to the Father and find solace in Him and be thankful for all things!

Did you have a snow day and what activities did you do? Thanks so much for reading and I will see you on my next letter!


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