Mother’s Day Is Everyday PLUS Evy’s Tree HUGE Sale!

Evy's Tree Amy Shirt

As a stay at home mom, I have been blessed to be able to stay home and care for my children! I love witnessing every little thing that goes on in our day to day life. Now that my two older kids are in full day of school, I have one more child that stays home with me. If I’m going to be completely honest, I am EXTREMELY cherishing these moments…. because I know this one is my last baby and pretty soon she will be joining her older siblings in a school voyage that I’m yet ready for. So until that moment comes when I have to let go…  Mother’s Day is EVERYDAY for me and I know it’s everyday for you, too!

Evy's Tree Amy Shirt

Since the beautiful sunny days are seldom in Washington state, every time the sun decides to bless us with its sunshines… we are out the door! Morning times are especially special for me because my little and I love to take quick walks around the block just to give us some fresh air. Today though, she wanted to try out her older sister’s old balance bike. She looked so cute and funny walking with it as she thought she was going to somehow fall. She just needs mama’s little reassurances! speaking of bikes, does anyone know a more COMFORTABLE elbow and knee for kids with sensitive skin? It’s going to be hot soon that the summer months are coming and I know the mainstream protection is very irritating to kids with eczema when they wear short sleeves and shorts!

I think one of the advantages of being a child that does not go to school yet, is that they get to have the playground all by themselves. No need for taking turns, haha. I know at home having three kids, it is ALWAYS about taking turns. Our neighborhood playground is such a nice area, it’s like it’s own park with a bench, a basketball court, a trail, and a nice playground set for the littles to play. I need a home that has all this in my backyard.

Evy's Tree Amy Shirt

I don’t know about you, but anytime I’m outside just enjoying nature, I feel so awake, energetic, and it gives me the rejuvenation I need to perk me up a bit. When I say a bit, I probably mean a lot. Of course, when there is sun, there are flowers! Lots of them, too and today I just wanted Mimi and I to match with nature! I know you’ve noticed the big flower on her overalls.. but did you see the flowers totally blooming on my shirt? I am in love with this Amy shirt in Wildflower. This is a button up shirt with a lightweight fabric that could easily be dressed up or down. Just look at the inner collar with its beautiful contrasting yellow! I paired this shirt with some matching jewelry from Serendipitous Hoot. YES, more flowers! I am loving how this distressed denim bracelet pairs so well with the ivory, blue, and red drop earrings to complete my spring look.

Evy's Tree Amy Shirt

What do you and your littlest do when the older kids are in school? Tell me about your mama + baby adventures below! Thank you so much for visiting and until next time.. oh wait!!! I have a little announcement regarding the special Mother’s Day specials!



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