Mommying & Auntying Joy!

We had a cute little visitor today and we had quite a bit of fun! My nephew is the sweetest little baby in the world. When I say baby, I mean toddler because time just wants to move too fast that I forget he’s not under one year old anymore! I love learning his new foods, activities, and silliness. He is walking like a pro now which I had to get used to because man, he is fast! Not only that, but he is also a little monkey who wanted to climb everywhere. Luckily soon after, he was really interested in these wooden letters by Melissa & Doug. Mimi brought along her wooden letters and the two kiddos played and learned just nicely!

My daughter had to go potty, and little Harvey wanted to see what this one was all about. It’s so adorable how he understands the mechanics of these learning letters. Pick a letter and see where it fits, aunty said! I giggled at his eagerness that he picked up the small letter from the other set, haha! At the end of this learning session, he actually piled all the letters from both sets unto this one. So cute! By the way, this bandana bib is everything!! It’s so soft and it’s the best thing to wipe off snot mess, haha. He didn’t drool much but look at how it beautifully wraps around the neck to catch the drool! I wish I had these when my kids were babies.

Of course, babysitting means knowing when to cue his tiredness! I am most surprised in how I am actually able to put this little guy to sleep with no effort. Little cuddles and comforting him in this snuggle blanket, he quickly fell asleep in my arms soon after. I no longer have tiny babies in my household, so I love that this little guy (and his mama!) trusts me to care for him. My heart is so full and happy!

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When baby Harvey was taking a nap, we cleaned up a bit but Mimi still wanted to practice spelling her name. This Smiling Tree Toy ‘Spell Well Name Puzzle’ is such an amazing educational toy that works very well teacher children their names. What’s even better though, since her name is long… this makes it easier and more fun to learn! Thank you so much for the amazing people at Smiling Tree Toys for collaborating with us to show all of you the best toys for our kids. They have so much more items that can be personalized, but you can see more about this specific item here. Thanks so much for visiting and until next time!


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