Like Mommy, Like Daughters

The most fun thing as a mom with not one, but two daughters… is the ability to dress up together! I love matching with my daughters as often as I can because I know this won’t last forever. Our styles are very similar, but at times preferences over shoes can differ. For example, if I could wear slippers all my life, I WOULD… but sadly, there is a winter season. My oldest loves boots to no end while my youngest prefers shoes that has pink and cute faces on them.

*This post is in affiliation with Evy’s Tree. I received these hoodies in exchange for my review and thoughts!

​I know I always call myself a basic, simple girl in regards of clothing. It’s always been whats comfortable and reflects my heart. I love clothing items that can be dressed up, in between, or down! This beautiful NEW release of Evy’s Tree Emma in Black is so out of this world because yes, its simple and black… but look at the ruffles in this lightweight sweater! It just turned my whole casual look into something else. I’m a hoodie mama, and I’ve always dreamed of something like this without knowing it’s what I’ve been dreaming of. Simple, pretty, matches with everything, and crazy comfortable. You know you’re in love when you see it and THIS is love at first sight. This Emma style hoodie is on the thinner side to suit the spring time and also, the summer nights!

Evy’s tree is known for its unique taste in style, and will almost never leave a simple attire without a little bit of sass. Notice the gingham print on the inner side of this hoodie which I absolutely love!

At times I would sit and just think to myself, how was I so blessed to have two girls who get along so great? Keilani enjoys having a little sister so much that she loves to do everything with her and to also teach her fun songs! She is teaching Mimi the Patty cake in this one and of course as always, Mimi always makes her big sister laugh with her silliness.

Keilani is wearing the size small in the Emma, a stripes dress from H&M and boots from Target! It is slightly bigger on her than her other hoodies, but I am glad because it will last longer! We all know these kids won’t stop growing in lightning speed.

Mimi the baby of the house is wearing the size extra small, but I think she can also fit an XXS as I feel this style runs a bit bigger. I like this size though because it turns into a dress outerwear!

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