Jujube Be Supplied – The Duchess !

Jujube Be Supplied - The Duchess

As someone who loves photography, it is essential for me to have a great camera bag. I am one who loves to be organized to ensure things go smoothly in a time of rush, stress, and to be ultimately prepared. Previously before the Be Supplied launched, I have always depended on the Be Classy for my camera bag. This one is technically created as a breast pump bag for all mamas who pump, I wish I had this when my babies were young as I was also a pumping Mama. Although, this is evidence enough that Jujube bags go far and beyond and is not exclusive to be used as diaper bags. I’ve used Jujube since my children were tiny tots and fast forward years later, I still use them for so many purposes!

Jujube Be Supplied - The Duchess

This bag comes with a side zippered pocket that is large enough to fit a camera. I love this feature because it allows such an easy access! It comes with gussets so your camera won’t accidentally fall out.

Jujube Be Supplied - The Duchess

On the other side of the bag comes with a rather similar looking pocket. This is where I would store necessary items such as extra batteries, battery charger, external hide drive, and its corresponding USB cords.

Jujube Be Supplied - The Duchess

Last but not least, another great feature are the straps. It is long enough for a comfortable hold. It reminds me of the ease of the Be Light… rather a fancy, more organized and structured Be Light! It’s probably why I love this tote bag so much! Before I go, I have to talk about the print. The Duchess is such a beautiful, simple, yet such an elegant design. The gold hardware gives a touch of femininity that I know all ladies love. If you are a pumping mama, this is an amazing pump bag to have and will give you so much style to bring to work or wherever you may need to bring it. . It’s small enough to tag along but big enough to even fit your own personal needs. The mommy pocket will always be there to remind you that even through all that you do for your family, there is always room just for you. If you love the style of this bag, you can get your own by shopping through my link here: bit.ly/livijjb This is my personal affiliate link and if you decide to shop through me, thank you for all your support and love for XoLivi. I hope you are having a great day, thank you so much for visiting me and God bless you!

P.S: Blessings are all around you, Let’s see it together!



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