Healed, Empowered, Resolute

evy's tree diana

I’m incredibly blessed to have found a church since we moved, I can’t even express how important that is to me. You find a church, you find a home, you know, heaven on earth! There’s nothing more empowering than being with your sisters in Christ, and today I had the most amazing brunch. A women’s gathering filled with a powerful message, delicious food, and a fashion show to donate its profits to a great cause that helps women overcome drug abuse. It was beyond amazing and of course I had to take this t-shirt home because I am HER! Healed. Empowered. Resolute. Are you HER?

evy's tree diana

The powerful sermon dug deep into my heart because I know we as women, sometimes we could be very hard on ourselves. I also see it in all women around me, some more than others, but to the very root of it.. it is all the same. She talked about dead things and proceeded to show it in a very interesting way that we may not even realize. On her back was a huge mannequin doll that is meant to show us how heavy the dead things are that we carry and hold on to. Let go of all the dead things in the past, let go of all the grudges you have with anyone else because they have been forgiven… YOU have been forgiven.

Metaphors are images that seep into our brain to illustrate reality in a way that we as human beings can understand it. If we plant our hearts with a toxic, hateful seed… our lives WILL be toxic filled with grudges and an unforgiving lifestyle. We will be filled with a heavy and hateful heart. ! If we plant our hearts with a beautiful seed filled with love, faith, and beauty… it will flourish and spread the joy to everyone around us. We go through life with a joyful heart that can truly love others, forgiving others because they have already been forgiven! Let go of the dead things that God has cursed, because Jesus took that cross so we all can be free and saved. Was his death on the cross enough for us to let go of all the dead things? YES. Such a powerful message and one I will never forget.

evy's tree diana

The brunch also included a fashion show with clothing that was donated by the members of the church. How wonderful is that?! So amazing. Speaking of fashion… I have to share one of my favorite outfits! I love flowy clothing that looks a bit more than just casual but not yet semi-formal. This white flowy tank top, I purchased from White House black market because when they have a sale, this mama is on it!! The Evy’s Tree outerwear I chose is so perfect for spring weather when it could still be pretty cold.

I am not too big on flashy accessories, but one thing I know for sure, is I am completely in love with simple custom pieces that speaks ME. This beautiful ivory colored bracelet is handmade by Serendipitous Hoot. I just love the touch of the magical seashell that made into my bracelet!

You could also find matching earrings to complete your look because she has so much that you can choose from. I absolutely love how these specific ones go with everything I own! What is your favorite outfit to wear for Church or for a women’s gathering? thanks for visiting and until next time!


Custom made jewelry- Serendipitous Hoot FB Page or Serendipitoushoot.com
Evy’s Tree Diana Wrap in Navy, I am 5’2 and wear the size Small- http://bit.ly/dianablue

If you are in the Washington state by the Federal Way area, come visit Overcomer Covenant Church! We would love to meet you!


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