Fast Canker Sore Treatment

canker sore mouth ulcer treatment

Canker sores or mouth ulcers are the most annoying thing ever! Such the smallest thing that can make such a big impact in your day to day life. Last week, I accidentally bit my cheek because my food was apparently too hot… so it was a double ow!

My husband mentioned alum powder because his grandma used that or something and I was like, IM GONNA TRY IT! Haha, I didn’t see it in my local grocery stores (not that I tried to look very hard…) I ended up finding it on Amazon. This one that I found is Hoosier Hill Farm Alum Powder. Please keep in mind that it’s Potassium Aluminum Sulfate to treat these canker sores.


canker sore mouth ulcer treatment

The first thing I do is get a little bowl just like this wooden bowls that I use for serving small things! I get a teaspoon of the alum powder or probably a little less would work.


canker sore mouth ulcer treatment

Next, I get a cotton swab and wet it thoroughly with water. Then, I try my best to cover the cotton swab with the alum powder!


canker sore mouth ulcer treatment

Then, set up a timer for one minute and apply the cotton swab directly to the mouth ulcer. Try your best not to get it on the tongue because that thing tastes nasty, haha. It’s like salty, but a weird kind of saltiness. This treatment would hurt a little bit (not anymore painful than the canker sore, honestly), then the pain would just subside and numb the canker sore.

If you still feel the pain after an hour, I would just do it again but this time for two minutes! I had to do this because I literally had two canker sores next to each other. I BIT MY CHEEK PRETTY GOOD! OW! After this, I didn’t have to do it anymore. Today is basically the next day after I did this home remedy, and I can eat normally!


canker sore mouth ulcer treatment

I have tried other remedies and it didn’t heal these pesky things quick enough. I mean, a week of not being able to move your mouth, eat right, brush your teeth without being scared… is YECH. Anyway, I hope this home remedy helped you! GOOD LUCK!

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canker sore treatment

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