Compilation of Special Times

It’s been a while since I blogged on our living room! Although I have been uploading on YouTube regularly, I thought I should keep update on this, too! It’s been a busy time since school have started, and my hands are literally tied! Well not literally, but anyway…

A fun night with our family consisted of bowling, arcade games, and about 1500 tickets! The kids got a bunch of little toys and chocolate that probably would have cost a lot less bought at walmart, but alas, of course, its the fun that counts! Hahaha… The kids actually enjoyed bowling, they’re getting better and better! Me on the other hand, I need those guards on the sidelines FOREVER. I mean, I’m a little annoyed at myself at how horrible I am. 🙂 Those of you who are reading this who think you’re all that and and a bag of chips… You probably are! Little mimi bowled too, and she enjoyed it enough to want to take everyone’s turns.
With October arriving and passed, there was no way we were missing out on a pumpkin patch fun! Keilani’s school actually promoted a family owned pumpkin patch that not only was it free of charge, it had hay slides, a train ride, a huge corn maze that we potentially got lost in, and a huge pumpkin patch. This family must work all year to maintain their land, something I could never do… We actually went with her classmates Mason, Randy, and their families. It was so cute, I actually had no idea Mason and Keilani are that great of friends. Good thing they’re only six, otherwise questions and interrogations must be planned.
We also visited the OMSI Museum of Portland, finally… Just four years a little too late. I have my reasons, it’s a little too difficult to be going everywhere with a baby. Now that everyone is toddler age and beyond, we have been able to go to places without worrying of a sleepy or hungry baby. Mimi can enjoy and have fun like her older siblings, and she shows it very well too. She also shows toddler fear very well, too. She didn’t like the laser show very much to the point where she had to protect herself with her cute tiny hands from the “falling” laser stars and horses. Keilani and Ezekiel loved the airplanes, ball room, physics room, and especially the area where they can pretend to build buildings. Not to mention the earthquake house was pretty fun.
Our latest family adventure consists of Elsa, Olaf, and Anna visiting Moda Center to watch the magical show Frozen on Ice. They did an awesome job, to the point where it was amaaaaazzzzing (anna’s voice) I’m surprised no one slipped on ice! I honestly loved their hand movements and gesture, because it was so over the top, like a mime! It was great and the kids loved every second of it. My two year old sat still, and watched the WHOLE thing with no fussing. There was one part where she cried, and it was because of a big scary thing. That sums up the past two months, until next time!

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