Christmas Target Dollar Spot Haul + Gift Idea

target is my playroom shirt

Ever since I was a young girl, my mom always went to target. Ha, it’s funny to me how I finally understood the choice she made. She’s always told me that they always have great sales for great quality. When my first child was born, she has always gifted her something SUPER cute and adorable. It’s no surprise when she once again given the same answer to my question of, “Where did you get this!?” Now as an adult myself, I find that Target has the best deals for anything that I need. Whether its to find a gift or for my own personal home decoration. Can I just mention that I love how Starbucks is in every target? It’s the perfect pair. This holiday season, I have been LOVING and obsessing over the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha.

target is my playroom shirt

This Christmas time, I was on a hunt for some great Christmas decoration for an affordable price. Their dollar spot is the best place for this as they had so much cute things that cost no more than $5 at most. I have a video showing this target haul below! It is hilarious to think that my daughter and I just stepped inside target and the Dollar Spot is staring at us in the face. I believe we spent a good thirty minutes looking around all the fun and beautiful Christmas decorations. I feel like I came home with a billion tiny Christmas trees.

target is my playroom shirt

Before I share with you the video Haul, I just want to mention that this shirt is the perfect gift for your target loving mom friend. Get her a gift card OR something specially from target and pair it with this shirt from The Mama Chick. I love wearing this by itself or with a flannel like this or a lightweight outerwear. Now go ahead and find out what I hauled! Thank you so much for visiting me and until next time!

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