An Attack In The Spirit

attack in the spiritJesus, I feel like I saw a glimpse of Your life on this earth, when you walked along side us. I dreamt of your footprints with every step that you took. The flesh of You were here, visible to their eyes of the men and women of that time. How blessed must they be to receive a hug from you or to receive prayers from You? I love who you are, Lord. You have such a beautiful heart that loves and hurts at the same time. It must hurt You to see such division in this world, then and now. As your child… all I want to do is reach out to people so they could know You. I want them to know that to have You in their life brings unity and love that I can’t even comprehend. I love to serve You, God. It brings me so much joy in sharing this Truth. At times, it is difficult because I know once I am all for You and want to bring people to You and share how wonderful You are, there are many spiritual attacks coming from everywhere. Today, I can’t take it, so I’m reaching out for You.

There are so, so many lies that I see and hear that could easily be believed and it gives me immense pain that I can’t bear. I never want anyone to be taken far from You, Lord or to believe these lies. Even though I see right through the tricks and lies that the enemy brings, it still hurts me. I don’t believe them, but it does sting. The enemy wants to bring division against Your sons and daughters and I cannot take the pain it brings, Lord. I know this hurts You, and it hurts me. I know the gifts You have given me. You have given me the gift of empathy and I know this is to be used to understand and help others for your Glory, Lord…but today I can’t bear it, so I’m giving it You.

I know Your walk on this earth wasn’t easy, and You were also attacked. Every great thing You’ve done on this earth didn’t come without a fight and didn’t come without an attack from the enemy. Some were from obvious enemies and some were even from your disciples. I know Your walk on this earth was to not only carry out this amazing salvation for us, but it is to show us how to live. It is to show us what to do when the enemy attacks and tries to destroy our bridges to God and to each one of your believers. I am reaching for You, my God and rebuking the enemy. I am giving You my pain and this world’s pain because I know it isn’t for me or us to handle. I cannot go through this life without You. So my prayer for tonight is knowing I have to give all the worries and heartbreak to You. I tried to hold it in me, and all it’s giving out are frustrations towards everything in my life. I am holding Your hand, Lord. I am giving it to You.

Dear God,
i am in awe of who You are. You are the almighty God who is so powerful and yet so loving at the same time. I feel You here and I feel Your spirit in me. I am giving you all these worries that is taking over me so I could find peace in the sorrow. I know I cannot do this life without You. Lord, I pray for every believer and nonbelievers in this world that they find peace in You. That they feel Your love in their hearts. That they trust You fully, Lord. I pray for every hearts that are broken to be mended in the thought of You. I pray that our faith in You will grow and flourish. I pray for my brothers and sisters to seek You everyday, Lord and to love each other as You have loved us. Speak to us in ways that we remain united in Your name, Lord. I pray in Jesus name, Amen.



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  1. Beka
    October 25, 2017 / 4:28 AM

    “I am reaching for You, my God and rebuking the enemy.” Amen! I needed those words. God does amazing things when his people cry out to him and we definitely need his help in these days of spiritual battle.

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