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Hello my beauties!It’s a very happy Sunday today, and hope you’re having a great one as well! My family and I went to our church today at Glenwood community church and today’s sermon was so amazing! Romans 12:12 teaches us to rejoice in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. We can all agree that this particular verse is very helpful to everyone and I just wanted to share that with you this beautiful Sunday.

I woke up at 6:30 am today because I didn’t want to rush and be late getting the kids ready. No matter how tired I am, my face wash literally wakes me up! It is the Murad essential c cleanser who helps me look bright in the sleepy and tiresome morning! After this, I apply my living libations chocolate karat serum and 100% pure coffee bean eye cream. Perfection I must say…

After my face is all ready for makeup, I like to keep my complexion simple by applying bare minerals foundation is golden medium (since I’m a bit tan right now, thank you Hawaii) bronze myself up with hourglass radiant, blush my dead cheeks with urban decays subtle purple of rapture, and brighten those high tops of cheeks with my bestie Mary loumanizer! I have no idea why, but every Sunday I have been mixing my lip colors. I think it’s because I apply some sort of pink shade and not happy with the brightness of my lips and tone it down with the other. Lol, super weird! Today’s lip concoction is too faced melted in fig and melted chocolate honey. Or maybe I just wanted to smell something sweet that I keep mixing these lippies!

For the eyes, I really wanted to play around with the OG chocolate bar. My gosh guys, can we all just agree how beautiful the shade marzipan is? It makes my eyelids look like a million bucks. After that, I was like, what is this gilded ganache? Awesome name, let’s see how awesome it looks on the outer corner of the eye! This palette is gorgeous, seriously, I can’t even.

Before I go, I just want to let you on in a little brow secret. Has anyone ever tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills taupe shade in their line ? Doesn’t matter if it’s brow wiz or pomade, it is LITERALLY the perfect shade for the inner half of the eyebrows. It makes the brows look super natural as it gives the gradient look subtly. The taupe shade isn’t blonde. Not even close, blond would be super light yellow lol. It is the most beautiful neutral to somewhat cool shade of brown that you can build without ever, EVER make yourself look too drawn on. They have this shade on the dark brown powder duo as well as the lighter shade, it’s so neat!!! My sister in law, Natalie, this girl has the blackest hair but her brows are black too but very light in shade, if that makes sense. Sorry my descriptions aren’t working very well right now. I knew if I used some warm brown shades it would look too dark and not match the undertone she has going in her complexion. The taupe shade was perfect in filling in her beautiful brows without drawing too much attention to them. I call this shade, my no makeup makeup, super fresh look that you must have been born with it. I promise I didn’t mean to sound like a maybelinne commercial.

Anyway that is the end of my MOTD post. Hope you all have a lovely rest of Sunday! Thanks God for all that we have, and share it with the rest of the world <3



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