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I have always had a desire to write, to express, and to share my joys. Although hobby wise, for a long while I have questioned what truly makes me happy. Not too long ago, I started a journey to open a blog and youtube channel to have some creativity in my busy mom life. I have always been into beauty and makeup so I thought it would be fun to do as something on the side. I wanted to look back at life that I did something for myself. Not even a year later, I realized that something must be wrong because I no longer enjoy blogging or making videos for my channel. I quickly grew weary to even attempt at filming, let alone to edit. I quickly stopped enjoying the content I was building and felt that it was very difficult to keep going. It wasn’t enjoyable and it felt like I was working someplace that I truly disliked. I told myself, this is truly not what my life is about. Instead of giving me joy and a proud feeling… I felt like a failure. It also felt very stressful and I was wasting the minutes that I could share with my children instead.I am a mother, for goodness sakes! What gives me joy is my family life, my children and the life we are living together. I cannot share makeup with my little ones, and I definitely don’t see an end goal to this road. I do not want to go to beauty conventions or slay my life away. It’s fine for others if that’s their true love, but it sure wasn’t for me. How strong my highlight or contour is… It’s not something to be proud of, at least not for me. I wanted my end goal to be something that my children and family can be proud of. Sharing my joys as a mother, sharing tips for motherhood especially being a stay at home mom. To encourage other moms that they matter because mothers are such an important role in the family life. Last but definitely not the least of many reasons… Is i can share my loves with my children.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve decided on a true and tried content that gives me such an abundance of joy. Not only that, but I believe it could help other mothers throughout their journey. I question myself why I never shared before… I’ve been using these products for so long! Ever since Mileina was born, I have never used anything else because this specific bag have been such a blessing. Especially with my little one that has many allergies. It was a hard year and the only bag that has ever worked with all her needs was Jujube! I used the ‘Be Prepared to be exact and that’s a must with a newborn. It’s a godsend for allergenic babies.

Lately I have been loving what I have been doing and… That’s sharing my love for Jujube. My only regrets are that I didn’t know about it with my two older kids and that I haven’t shared much MUCH sooner. With my older two, our daily lives would have been so much more organized and in result, much easier, less headache and less struggle. Now that my kids are older I have chosen smaller styles from their line and it’s been amazing! They STILL work so well. As you all have seen in my social channels, I’m extremely proud to share these with you because if you love something that benefits your family life, it becomes a part of you and your life.

Now I extremely enjoy filming and editing… I’m filled with so much excitement with every content I create. I just can’t contain myself because it’s truly my passion. My family is me and I am my family! I have to enjoy what I do and I am so glad I have finally found my place. I don’t feel like its work, I just feel this part of my life gives me peace in a stressful environment. (Anyone else moving and going through a life change??? Hehehe) Jujube has been my escape and I’m so thankful that they exist for us moms and ladies.

The Announcement


To share with all my friends, family, and followers… I am SO happy to announce that I am part of the Jujube Content Creator program. You can just imagine how ecstatic I was when the position was offered and of course I accepted!! I am so excited to share much more content with you all and I am so thankful of Jujube to allow me to be part of their growth as a company. My heart is blessed and it’s made me realize that if I do what I love, it’s sure to be appreciated and rewarded. My prayers have been answered that anything can happen when I continue to trust that God has planned out a beautiful path for me! If you love what you do, others will see that as well. I made the right call to transfer my channel towards motherhood because look at what’s happened?! Ahh!!My dream has always been to be able to work from home doing what I am very passionate about. As a child with career driven parents, I made it a promise to myself that I will be there with every aspect of their growth and developments, there with every school event, there with every obstacles they will go through. So far, my husband and I has been blessed for me to actually be a stay at home mom. I haven’t always been a stay at home mom so I completely understand the hardship of not being there every moment of everyday. This year has been amazing, and I am so thankful, so blessed, to have this opportunity with Jujube because now, mama can do what she loves! And if you do what you love…… Mamas, what? it’s NOT work! I hope all my viewers enjoy my future posts and much much more content that I intend to share. I am so thankful to have you come back each time to visit me, you have no idea how much that means to me! Thank you!




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