A Happy Father’s Day!

Hello Everyone!

I just got a chance to write about our father’s day celebration last week! It’s been a hectic week with summer camps and vocational bible camp that I barely have the time to blog about our recent events. I have been trying to catch up with editing the videos because I don’t want it to pile up. When that happens, I end up not doing it at all! Haha. Anyway, we had a great father’s day… of course the kids and I went to church! They always do special crafts every sunday and I knew they would have some fun crafts for father’s day. I didn’t sit by myself this week since I had a great accident bumping into Kayla! From now on, we plan to sit together whenever our hubbys can’t make it <3 Yay for new friends!

After church, we waited for Papa to come home so he can open up our special cards for him. The Kids always look forward to these type of things to see our reactions to the things they make for us. I think the great thing about sunday school is that they always bring home things for them to learn, not only that, it teaches and reminds us parents too about the grace and love of Jesus Christ! 

Before dinner, we head to the mall and visited the christian store there to look for bibles for our children. I think it’s cute that they actually want their own… They must hold this dearly to their heart and how eager they are to learn. Oh yeah… I expected my husband to want the Iwatch for father’s day but surprisingly he didn’t want it anymore. I was so surprised since he’s been talking about it but instead he bought disney vans for all of us! Wow, the kids was so happy… Especially mimi with her princess shoes. Our nights out are always on the special occasions such as these, and we always go to red robins because of how kid friendly it is. My boy ezekiel ALWAYS have the appetite for corn dogs, while keilani steers towards pizza or mac and cheese. Of course mimi, no matter what variety you give her, if there is fries on the plate… that’s all she will eat! 

What a great day for all of us, and I will upload the video on Sunday! Thanks for visiting!


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