Zoli x Tokidoki Water Bottle

Donutella says Hello!I love my swell bottles, but for my three year old, I (she) surely miss the straw! This water bottle by ZoLi in collaboration with the cutest brand ever Tokidoki prevents all spills and the water stays cold. We love super kawaii things and this goes off the radar. I have a matching one for me too….. shh! Don’t tell anyone! Donutella is just so loved by everyone because she is just a happy donut! This collaboration made me one happy MAMA!
On the top of the water bottle, it’s not just a twist off closure top but it has a HANDLE to make it easier for our younger kids to move from place to place. It seems like ZoLi thinks of these in their products that I’ve tried so far, like the snack stack that can be viewed here. I really appreciate this little feature because my three year old loves tagging along her water bottle. Can we just take a moment to googly eye the coloring on this? I just LOVE how it’s two shades of pink, it just makes it look so much more vibrant. That means that you can’t actually “lose” this somewhere in the house. It will just peek out from somewhere and telepathically yell out, “HERE!”
As you can see, this is a thermos water bottle just like my other favorite swell bottles that is awesome for older kids who are more independent in their drinking water bottle skills. You know…no spills! This has saved so many spillage in the car! ZoLi x Tokidoki water bottle retails for $30 dollars and I have to mention that paying more for a water bottle that can keep drinks hot or cold, plus NOT having that terrible metal taste that won’t go away is definitely worth it. I would have never known about this if it wasn’t for ABC kids expo event. The staff of ZoLi is extremely nice, attentive, and kind to give me samples (that I accidently left at jujube’s military truck, agh I cry!) When I saw this on one of their tables, I definitively had to put this on my list!
This 16 oz water bottle with a sort of wide mouth size can still fit in various Jujube bags such as the Mini Be pictured here. It’s also able to fit in the bottle pockets of the Be Right Back, BFF, and Hobo Be. It also can fit in the Be Light and Super Be front pockets. I love the big size because I love knowing that my kids can stay hydrated whenever they please which means less “mommy, I want some more water!” Hahaha! One more thing that I have to mention is that another reason why this straw water bottle has made it in my favorites list is that it DOES NOT LEAK. My son…. always somehow never ever put his backpack upright and the water has not soaked our living room carpet, his classroom floor, or drenched his jujube be right back backpack. Can you say zolidawesome?I purchased two of these to start and two more because I loved it so much! If you have a child who is not old enough for the swell bottle or if you have a super clumsy adorable son like I do that does major spilling (hahaha), this is a perfect alternative for our little ones. I highly recommend it! This collaboration ZoLi did with Tokidoki is limited so make sure to snag one while you can! It comes in four different prints such as Donutella, Adios, Sandy, and Kaiju Dinosaur(did I name it right?) and can be purchased here: http://zoli-inc.com It’s a super kawaii gift for your kids, friends, or even for you! Have a Happy Zoliday!


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