Winter to Spring Mommy Outfit


Winter weather is tapering off and the sun is slowly giving us some shine. Winter activities have moved from inside the home unto the outside. The thick jackets have gone back in the closet and out comes the long tees and thin jackets. It’s a beautiful day out with a little bit of chill breeze and we are enjoying what God has created with our little pony friends!


*This post is in collaboration with Evy’s Tree. I chose this hoodie and received of no charge in exchange of my thoughts!

It’s also almost time for dresses to seep through little girls’ dreams again! It’s possible with a little jacket to help counter the possible cold breeze that comes in the Spring season. My Mimi is wearing the beautiful dress from Noah’s Boytique that is of lace and denim goodness with a floral bottom skirt that screams too perfect for spring.

Whereas for mom, I don’t like to sacrifice comfort in my days… but I still love beautiful! I love wearing a pretty color sweatshirt that makes me feel alive and bright no matter how I feel during my days. I’m also a leggings kind of gal. At times I like to change it up to jeggings because I’m a risk taker like that. Lol, right. Mom Hacks are real. These boots… they’re actually comfortable even though it look like they could be making my feet beg for mercy. I found them at Macy’s! When I was searching for booties, many of the reviews mentioned these were their work shoes. That sold me! It’s GOT to be comfortable enough if you’d rather skip the sneakers some days. Also… Want to know what else could be hacked? How about a two in one hoodie?


Disclaimer: I chose and received this sweater for no charge, All thoughts are my own!
This beautiful Evy’s Tree reversible hoodie called the Layering leaves just sort of answers every mom’s dream of comfort, beauty, and style. This is in the ‘lemon zest‘ that reverses to a black and white edge to alternate within uses. It’s also amazing for travel due to the need to bring less items as possible. I think if I have five of these in my life, I’m set for lightweight hoodies during the Spring season. The sleeves are long enough to cover part of your hands (with thumb holes!) to give you some warmth when it comes a bit chilly plus a roomy hoodie!


I’m a rather simple dresser and at times I prefer the most minimal accessories of my wedding ring and some stud earrings. If you’re anything like me, less is more and I know it gives the most satisfying feeling of motherhood and beauty. What is your favorite mommy spring outfit?


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  1. NatG ;)
    April 1, 2017 / 8:44 PM

    Oh, those are jeggings?! Coulda fooled me! They look like skin tight jeans haha, which I so need by the way. And I need that sweater too it’s v cute!

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