Visiting KC at School!

Today was an important day to our daughter because it was our time to visit her at school! She got to show us her art works, her journal, and the things she does at school. They have a really good system there I was impressed. Her teacher of course is the friendliest teacher I’ve ever met, but she is stern too which is amazing. Not only is she kind, but she sympathizes and understands. Our daughter had a tough time adjusting to kindergarten in the beginning, but her teacher was so helpful that it didn’t take long for her to enjoy school! I can see how happy she is at school and just how much she enjoys every aspect of it.

I’m so proud to be her mom, and just how proud to see how much she’s grown. My firstborn is so not a baby anymore, and she’s getting closer to the two digit age!! Ahh!! It was so cute to watch the kids say the Pledge of Allegiance. I haven’t done that since a decade ago my gosh!!!! Reminds me of my elementary school years, except mine consisted of bad wardrobe, english as a second language, and humid weather 🙁 but that’s another story which we don’t have to get into anytime soon, or ever.

One of her classmates was being so friendly to Ezekiel. He was reading books to him, and showing him around it was so sweet! I think he’s an only child and wants a little sibling. What a great big brother he would be! Hehe. Anyway, this was a nice little visit and I think we made our big girl happy because of the smiles on her face! Even EZ enjoyed it too, I think he’s ready for school!


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